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To Appreciate and Encourage......

In Life, we get what we put into it! Be watchful about being negative about people and situations! People are not perfect and there is no perfect life. We need to learn to look for the good in others and in every situation in life.

People more often than not, believe what you tell them and can be influenced by your words. Sometimes its even only one thing that people choose to focus on, one mistake or flaw. If you repetitively tell someone something, they can become that or behave that way!
Just think about how we can influence and bring about a positive change in people's lives ! Think about how we can effect change in the world. A real positive change by making an effort to encourage and appreciate others!

People always say they want to make a difference in this world! Start by simply using your words and actions to encourage and appreciate, offer support to others. Do not give up on people or situations, no matter how difficult they may seem! God bless you all!

Slip of the tongue.....

Recently, a certain president made very inflammatory statements which he cannot take back. Your reputation is the best thing you have and in my opinion, a good reputation is better than all the money in the world. Once your reputation is gone, you cannot get it back. I know everybody deserves a second chance but we need to watch what we say! Once the words are out, they cannot be taken back!

I have been reflecting on moments in my life when i wanted to say something really horrible to someone close to me and you know what? Am so glad i held my tongue because that would have been a grave mistake and it would have hurt them terribly!

I honestly believe in walking away when you feel extremely angry or upset with someone or a situation. Confrontations usually get out of hand and we end up saying things we shouldnt or things we dont really mean but the damage is done once the words are out and they cant be unspoken. I am not saying dont confront people when the situation demands it. I am s…


Rest in Peace....we all want that for the people close to us and any one who has passed on from this life. Its very nice to wish those who have died a peaceful rest but our assumption that they are in a better place and indeed resting is very wrong. It may bring the relatives and friends of those close to them some comfort but we need to be ready to accept the truth!

No matter how many tears are shed for the deceased, they cannot help them if you do not PRAY! We are all sinners and have not kept God's commandments faithfully! Only the pure of heart shall see God! Heaven is a place of purity and goodness where we shall see God as he truly is and possess him fully! Oh , how the thought of being there fills me with hope. But we must remmeber that we can only go there when our souls are pure!

Purgatory exists because of God's mercy. It is a place of purification and suffering. The souls there suffer immensely becuase they long to be joined to their creator but know that they must …

Am i not here.....I who am your mother?

The above words were spoken by our lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego, a recent convert to christianity in Mexico at a time when south america was steeped in culture of darkness and death (human sacrifice especially among the native tribes of mexico). He was anxious about the message he had been given by our lady and thought of it as too difficult. He was trying to escape when he encountered our lady and she spoke those calming words to him.

We recently celebrated the feast of Mary, mother of God! Mary is the mother of our saviour and the mother of all christendom and the human race. Children need the soothing touch of their mothers especially when experiencing difficulties. It is unfortunate that some people have lost their mothers or been abandoned by them in life.

However when we are faced with challenges and difficulties, the storms of life, we need only remember that we have the most tender of mothers, Mary. She is the undoer of knots and we only need to call out to her and she will…