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We have all heard the saying, "dont believe everything you hear". This is a good motto to live by because it seems that lies spread faster than the truth! A man's reputation is the best thing he owns and once it is tainted, its almost impossible to recover it!

People love to talk and yes,"talk is cheap". We do not often realize, the effect our words can have on people's lives. Be careful what you say and guard your words, for they can even start a war! Many times we do not even try to verify what we hear, but pass it on carelessly untill it has been twisted.

Making false statements about people is truly wrong and we need to learn how to mind our own business and be silent. Even if something you know or hear is true but quite damaging, for the sake of someone's reputation, its better to be silent! We need to discover the wisdom of silence. Sometimes its best not to say anything at all!

Ps : James speaks about the power of the tongue in the new testament.

Living your mission.....

Last sunday's gospel touched on the mission Christ was giving to his dsiciples. He sent them to preach, heal and drive out demons throughout the countryside. As Christians, we need to remember that we each have a unique mission. We seem to have forgotten that or chosen to abandon it!

Look at the world today, take a good look and you will see how insensitive and apathetic we have become! Sometimes when something terrible like a murder or a senseless act of war takes place, we don't seem to be affected by it! I mean some people think to themselves, "too bad for them" and just shrug it off. Life goes on right?

As Christians, our mission means speaking out against injustice as well as keeping our actions in line with Christ's. Sometimes you cannot speak out but let your actions reveal who you are. It's such a shame and truly heartbreaking that often times many evils in society today are perpertrated by so called Christians! (sigh)

Let us all take up our crosses a…

My Grace is enough for you...........

Paul in the new testament speaks of a "thorn in his side." An angel of satan sent to torment him. He asks the lord three times to remove it but the lord replies "my grace is enough for you for my power is greatest in a time of weakness".

God's ways are not our ways......we need to have a little more faith! (or alot more) Human beings are not perfect, we have many weaknesses! There is however often in life a situation that doesnt seem to get better no matter how much you try or pray. I have mine, to be honest it seems like a heavy cross but i want to keep fighting everyday!

I visited Kibeho (a remote town in rwanda) last year in October. It is famous for the first approved appartions of the virgin Mary in Africa. Our lady's message to the world is that we must embrace our crosses with humility, patience and love. We cannot hope to reach heaven one day if we do not carry the cross and follow Christ!

Lord, help us everday to embrace our crosses with love and f…

What is in a name?

There is power and truth in a name, believe it or not. When parents are naming children, they ought to be careful about the names they choose! Names can haunt you or be a source of blessing! Some people even grow up to be a certain way because of the names they were given.

I have two names. My christian name is a hebrew name meaning abundance or excellence. My sur name is in my native tongue, meaning wisdom. Very beautiful names, filled with meaning. I love them and i am glad my parents named me well.

As a christian, i would advise naming your children after the saints or holy people. They were filled with virtue and some of their graces will rub off on them. Naming your children after graces is also a good choice. Lets all take time to ponder the power of a name before we give one or take on one!
God bless you all!