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Living without day at a time!

Usually at the moment of death, i think we regret the things we DIDN'T do rather than the things we did! I haven't been at that point yet but i imagine those would be my thoughts too! We wont be thinking about work and career but about how much we lived and loved!

We are so preoccupied with work most of our lives that we forget to really live. We are here on earth for a purpose and work is part of that purpose but its not all we are! I recently got an inspirational video and the message was that we postpone living. The fact is we live and we die and we cannot control our birth or death. We can only choose how we will live in between.

We should never be frustrated about our jobs / work. Its only a part of life and we shouldnt focus on it too much waiting for a time when we can enjoy later! The time to live is now! Be happy and remember you only live once. Do not let life pass you by, take time to enjoy life one day at a time. Spend time with your family and friends while you st…

The prince of this world...........

Recently, the church of satan was opened in Colombia. It is very heart breaking and continues to trouble my mind! The cult leader (Victor Damian Razo) claims they are not worshipping the devil, but Lucifer, the fallen angel expelled for his pride! Lucifer and Satan are the same person so i dont know who he is trying to deceive here!

I cannot understand how people can be so blind as to worship evil! Lucifer is evil incarnate and he is only capable of hatred and malice! Do not deceive yourself into thinking that there is any good in him. Some very misguided people think they should sympathise with his cause because he was "unjustly" judged by God. Angelic beings were created with full knowledge and thus his sin could not be forgiven. He knew fully well what he was doing when he rebelled against God!

Lucifer / Satan is the prince of this world but make no mistake, he is evil and only desires your downfall. He is an expert at deception and flattery so do not fall for his trap. L…

Comparison robs us of contentment..........

I recently received an inspirational video that focused on comparison. Basically the message was that we become depressed and envious when we compare our situations and lives to others! It also helps us to ponder why it seems that the people who have the most, are the most unhappy?

Everyone has a different journey and a different life story. The sooner we accept that, the better for us. There will always be someone smarter, wealthier, better looking or more talented than you! So what? Does that mean they are better people than you or that your life matters any less than theirs? No, your unique life has purpose and meaning whether you are an educated professor or a high school drop out!

Do not let comparison rob you of your joy and contentment. Instead of focusing on what others have thna you do not, focus on what you do have! There is no one on earth who has nothing to contribute. We all make life on earth beautiful and meaningful. We each have a purpose and a unique journey, discover…