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Destroying the essence of marriage

These days a lot is being said about people having the right to be happy and about marriage equality for all orientations. I am not judging anyone but my stand is that not everything is permissible just because it makes you feel good! Some things are just not right! Marriage is a sacred institution intended by God to be between one man and one woman. It is meant to be a permanent bond of love and mutual respect until death of the spouse.

The sexual revolution in the 1960's? apparently is really just an excuse to be promiscuous. Then there is abortion ("its abhorrent that some women use it as a form of birth control and even more appalling that some are married women") and birth control and divorce. Do not get me started on divorce. I always read about certain divorce articles and many couples give the reason of divorce as "irreconcilable differences" Seriously? Divorce is also just another excuse to be promiscuous There is no perfect man or woman, no perfect re…


Torture is sometimes used by some governments or should i say most governments as a means to get information from people or keep people quiet. So many people have died or those who survive it end up maimed and scarred for life! Apparently matters of "national security" demand that any extreme measures be taken to protect the majority.

I honestly hate it when Governments justify brute and inhumane treatment of people in the name of national security. Some people even end up confessing to crimes they are innocent of because they are afraid or they just want the pain to stop!

It is against human rights and international law to torture someone and i often wonder how someone can torture another human being and be ok with it! It just is not normal or sane to torture someone else whatever the reason!

Price manipulation or hoarding

Today, some people and businesses especially the stock market is about speculation and apparently anticipating market trends. Honestly to me its like a more respectable form of gambling. Granted, it is good to take some risks in life but draw the line somewhere. We are all trying to make a living and truth be told it is getting harder for many people even though some people do not seem to be filling the pinch.

I will give an example of a monopoly. There is a certain airline which has a monopoly to some regional destinations and you would not believe the fares they are charging to these destinations! Sometimes you realize your business really is doing well and you are making a good profit but because of our human weakness, we become greedy and decide to think, what if i purposefully stifle supply for my wares so that i can charge even higher and make abnormal profits? That is greed, pure and simple.

Price manipulation is a business of exploitation because some people actually need thos…

Taking advantage of people's charity!

I think there really is a special place for people in hell  for people who take advantage of the good nature of others to fleece them of money intended to help those in need. In this world, there are so many people desperately in need of help and even people who die of hunger. I mean there are people who do not have anything at all, they have nothing and sometimes no one to help them. How do you sleep at night  knowing you did that to someone?

I have a friend who said she no longer gives money to beggars because she once gave a beggar all the money she had only to find that same person downtown and the person tried to hide from her when he saw her! Life is hard , yes that is true but you have to make an honest living. There are people out there who are born or living in the worst of circumstances but are pushing and struggling everyday to live. Whats your excuse? If you are able bodied, healthy and of sound mind why should you take advantage of people's good nature?

You end up bet…

Why buy the cow when you are getting its milk for free?

One of my favorite TV shows is one tree hill. It is great for those that love drama and the ups and downs of being a teenager. In one of the episodes, one of the character's Brooke Davis asks "why should he buy the cow when he is getting the milk for free?" Granted cow is a bad metaphor to mean a woman but it is very true. I am talking about living together before you are married just in case you were wondering what the hell my post is about today.

Traditionally the man asks the woman to marry him after a while of dating, sometimes  even a very short while and hopefully she accepts his proposal. In our times however things are quite different and i must say , worse! Some people barely date and are already moving in together and the next thing you know you have 3 kids  but are not married. Some people say marriage is outdated and just symbolic but i have always admired the values of marriage. Love, honesty, trust, commitment. If you find someone you can have these values …

What i want is not always what i need!

Someone one told me that when you enter a supermarket or department store, their business aim is to empty your pockets of all and any money you have on you! That is quite true especially for women who shop on impulse sometimes or to fill an emotional void. ("retail therapy really does make you feel good but only for a short time"). While it is ok to "indulge" within reason once in a while, it can also become and addiction.

Many people ("myself included") want the lifestyle that having large sums of money affords you! We want the newest models of the latest electronics, cars, the latest fashions etc. Honestly some of the new products are even "crappier" than the old ones. Sometimes when people reminisce about"the good old days", i am right there with them. Not everything old is bad and sometimes you have not even fully utilized the old thing before its on to the next one!

How many of us have actually bought something we knew we didn'…

Riches obtained through exploitation

I will give an example of my own country Uganda. Recently, there was a TV advert about people not being allowed to build near the road as these are road reserves and violation of said policy would result in the demolition of the structures. There is however a large shopping mall in a city suburb just close to the road and some time back many people were left homeless when their houses were demolished in favour of a city development plan to build apartments in the area where they previously resided. Need i say more?

These days, money talks and it seems there is nothing some people would not do to get it. Wealth at any cost is the motto for many people especially the youth who are so impatient to "get rich quick". You have to earn your wealth the right way and the only way that brings lasting wealth, hard work! Wealthy parents need to teach their children the value of money and they need to learn that they have to work to survive, not be entitled to inherit what they don't…

Mind your own business!

Genuine concern for the well being of others is a good thing. However as human beings we have a weakness to be curious about the affairs of others and yes some people love to tear people down or even rejoice in the misfortunes of others. ("that just makes you sad and pathetic am sorry to say").

Gossip sometimes becomes and addiction and some people even go around looking for gossip about others. I read some tips on life somewhere and one of the tips was "what other people think of you is none of your business." You cant live your life always worrying about what people will think and you cant please everyone. You are going to step on peoples toes and rub some people the wrong way! So what? Life goes on. Jesus was the kindest person that ever lived and still people found fault in his good works.

We can only do our best. The motive behind our actions is what truly determines whether they are inherently good or bad. Even if you have the best intentions, people can find…