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Body Image

I look at my body sometimes in the mirror and i sigh. I see too many things that are imperfect and i wish i could change. My teeth are too big, my nose is not slender enough and don't get me started on my abdominal area.(i want abs) I read somewhere that perfect faces are not interesting and imperfections on your body like scars and wrinkles tell a story.

Besides even the people we think have perfect bodies and faces have something they wish they could change. Most of us as humans are insecure about our bodies especially women. We get bombarded daily with images from the media of airbrushed celebrities and people who have altered their looks through plastic surgery. Do not beat yourself up over celebrities on magazines who have been airbrushed and most times do not even look like real people. Celebrities also have a team of make up artists, hairdressers and stylists to ensure they look their best at public events.

No one is perfect. You just have to love the body you have and take…

Healthy Eating Tips:

Do not over cook your vegetables, try light steaming or better yet eat then raw.Stir fry your vegetables at low heat.Fry your foods with olive oil.Drink wine in moderation, its good for your heart. Drink plenty of water.Quirt drinking carbonated drinks especially soda..Drink fresh juice instead.Cut back on processed sugar.Eat brown bread instead of white bread.Fish is your best friend. Eat as much fish as you can because it has the healthiest protein of all foods.Drink atleast an hour after tou have eaten.

The Calm after the Storm

There is a saying that goes "nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles" but it hurts like hell to feel like life is a bitch everyday. I am going through a tough time right now. I lost my job and iinvested most of my savings in something that might take a while to give me some returns. Most days i wake up and i say to myself "damn another day is here". I am feeling abit depressed and sorry for myself(" not suicidal of course").

Life never goes the way you planned it and no one has the perfect life as much as we sometimes envy the people we think have better lives than ours. We need to learn to accept our lives and be content but that does not mean you should not hope for a better life than the one you have now. Ambition is not a bad thing but be realistic in your ambitions. I know things will get better for me because i put my faith in God who will never let me down and my friends and family who will always be there for me. Have a blessed week!

Handling Stress

Dealing with a stress today because my workmate and i had a misunderstanding and she went off on me again. I know people are not perfect but she seems to be an irritable and easily angered person and some times she misunderstands my intentions and it becomes about how my actions are done to undermine or spite her. Sometimes i just want to tell her to get a grip and say not everything is about you!

We all need patience but trust me its not easy to remain calm but i have to stay strong. Please tell me how you handle stress.

Tips on stress management:
Take deep breaths("i know how very cliche" but i hear it works)Take a walk.Talk to a friend.Have a good cry.("it is good to cry trust me")Avoid confrontation and shouting.Slow down and don't panic when faced with a difficult task.Don't worry.Worrying never solves a problem.

World Cup is here again!

The only football i watch is world cup. Its not just about the game, its about the performances, the excitement, the funny adverts(love those), the music, its amazing to me because of the of the way it brings people together. That's the beauty of world cup to me.

As for those who are die hard fans, try not to get too emotionally involved in the game. If your team loses or wins, accept it with grace. No drunken fights, tantrums or God forbid grown men crying over a game.

10 things to make life interesting:

Get a pet. Maybe not just to entertain you but pets can be fun especially if you live alone.  Write: you don't have to start a blog but you can write things in your diary about things in your life, your thoughts, dreams, inspirations e.t.c.Make new friends. I know its not easy especially with work schedules, families, problems but meeting new people is always interesting. Be impulsive: throw caution to the wind and do something you have never tried before because your too afraid, or too cautious, or you think is too crazy e.g. bungee jumping.Read: the truth is there are so many things you pick up when you read. It even opens up your mind and makes you smarter.Meditate and reflect: I am a christian so i meditate usually about God. You should also reflect on your life, memories, mistakes but don't focus on the mistakes bit because you might get depressed.Fantasize: yes i know life is not all roses but i find myself daydreaming about having special powers, or that real…

Prejudice and hatred

Sometimes i don't like people because of the way they dress or how they look or even how they talk. I feel irritated by them but i do not even know them. That is something i keep trying to overcome because people are all flawed and we should not judge them even before we know them or even what circumstances and challenges have shaped them to be who they are! Truth is People are mean and life is a bitch but there will always be a few people who will surprise you with their kindness and genuine compassion, true friends you can rely on. I believe one of the things that makes us special and unique as humans is our capacity for Hope. Don't ever lose that.

I have been hearing a lot lately about hate crimes. Gang rapes, murders, terrorist attacks just to name a few of those horrors. Our society today is "broken" by so many things. I even witnessed someone being beaten up in high school for no apparent reason. We need to discourage bullying and belittling children right from…

10 things to do just for fun

Play a prank on someone, friend or co-worker, family member as long as its not cruel. For example write a funny note and stick it on the back of their clothes.(i know very unoriginal, maybe you can come up with better pranks than this)Go take a ride in an amusement park. Whether its Disneyland or some other amusement park, go and have fun especially with kids or even just friends and family or lovers. Be a kid again once in a while. It's good for you!Eat Chocolate: You need to indulge that sweet tooth once in a while and i have read somewhere that chocolate is good for you when you are feeling blue. Try it.
Drink wine: there is nothing like a glass of sweet red or white wine to end a stressful day. I absolutely love wine. My favorite right now is Cinzano rosso. Even the name is belisima.
Travel: I know travel is relatively expensive but if you can afford it take a vacation to a place you have always wanted to see especially in the summer or if you have never seen snow like me, try v…

Tips on Life

Don't be afraid to take opportunities you think are out of your reach, life is full of surprises.Be honest and true to yourself! You are who you are and always be proud of who you are not what you or your circumstances are.Be kind to everyone you meet because people are the best investment you have in life.Don't let people take advantage of you.Be bold and confident.Smile more.A good cry is good therapy. Don;t hold back your feelings.But then again don't overdo it. Nobody loves a drama Queen.Do something that makes you feel young even if its silly.Pray, Pray, Pray! God is always waiting to hear from you.

No regrets

Today i lost my job because apparently my boss found out i tried to get another one. I am feeling a bit depressed but i have no regrets. I gave this job my all and i have worked really hard for this company. I feel like my boss didn't really appreciate all the hard work i have done for the company but that's his opinion.

I have given my best for this job and i know i have achieved something. I have also gained experience and met some amazing people and even made a close friend.

I will survive and only come back stronger.  Watch this space.


Tomorrow 3rd Junes is celebrated as Martyrs day in Uganda in honor of the brave young men who gave their lives for an unseen God and in total disregard for the orders of their King ("kabaka" in the local language). Some people think what they did was crazy. I mean how dare they disobey their king? Moreover for a God they had just come to know about so recently when the missionaries arrived.

Truth be told, i do not know if i would have been brave enough to do what they did. Most of them were burnt alive at Namugongo but a few like Mattia Mulumba had his limbs chopped off and left to die. However they approached their death with true christian courage and even joy as is the character of all christian martyrs.

Out of their sacrifice Christianity spread all over Uganda and we have something today to be truly proud of. We celebrate their great virtue and we are inspired by their courage and great love for God.
by the way one of the martyrs was a boy who was barely 15 named Kizito…