Body Image

I look at my body sometimes in the mirror and i sigh. I see too many things that are imperfect and i wish i could change. My teeth are too big, my nose is not slender enough and don't get me started on my abdominal area.(i want abs) I read somewhere that perfect faces are not interesting and imperfections on your body like scars and wrinkles tell a story.


Besides even the people we think have perfect bodies and faces have something they wish they could change. Most of us as humans are insecure about our bodies especially women. We get bombarded daily with images from the media of airbrushed celebrities and people who have altered their looks through plastic surgery. Do not beat yourself up over celebrities on magazines who have been airbrushed and most times do not even look like real people. Celebrities also have a team of make up artists, hairdressers and stylists to ensure they look their best at public events.

No one is perfect. You just have to love the body you have and take good care of it. Eat right and exercise and remember to smile, you look better when you do!

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