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Open my eyes Lord!

We are always looking for something better and comparing our lives to others , but do we ever stop to think about how good we already have it? They say "you never miss a good thing till its gone" and i honestly believe thats true. We do not appreciate the good things in our lives until we do not have them anymore or untill we meet people who truly are at a disadvantage.

Complaining about every little thing is what we get used to doing. If for some reason, something that doesn't even count as a problem comes our way, like maybe it was abit too sunny , it ends up ruining our mood and day. We need to get over ourselves. Trivial things should not make us lose our inner peace. Our lives will never be perfect here on earth but we have to do our best to keep our attitudes positive and we will be amazed at how many good things they are in this world that we take for granted! God bless you all!

The Beast within!

I am still reeling from the shock of what happened in my city, kampala recently. Someone was shot becasuse he grazed someone else's car. He had even got out of his car to work it out with the other guy and the other guy gets out a gun and shoots him dead! When i heard about it, i was so disappointed and angry at his actions.

Meanwhile this year in kenya, a chinese tourist killed someone by stabbing at a certain lodge becasue she had apparently refused to move away from his preferred seat. There are no words to describe what is going on in the world today but "crazy" comes to mind alot. I meam at the rate we are going, people are going to start killing each other for "looking at me the wrong way." (whatever thant means)

Lets not let our broken world turn us into paranoid people. You do not have to always look at people with suspicion and become anxoius whenever you go out. We need to be more vigilant and cautious and we need to fight the beast within. Granted we…


Gambling has turned into a big business today but still maintains its roots of exploitation and preying on the desperate. Even in my country today, there are so many sports betting businesses that have sprung up in the cities and so many young men spend so much of their time and money in such venues.

How many people have gambled away all they had, spent years working for, on a bet? It seems so foolish to me but some people do have an addiction to it and they need help. My advice is to stay as far away from this habit as possible. Do not even do it just for fun because sooner or later, it could entrap you and it will not be worth all the heartache and misery.

Honest Prayer!

Honestly, i find it hard to pray sometimes. The body seems to resist prayer and distractions keep assailing me. That being said, i try to persevere and i always feel a sense of peace after talking to God. There is no feeling like that anywhere in the world. I believe God gives me his peace.

I read somewhere yesterday that emotions like anger, just are. They are neither right nor wrong. Sometimes we may feel anger towards God and we need to honestly express that to him. He can take it. Granted our emotions may not be justifiable before God , but he will not fault us for them.  Tell God exactly what you are feeling, good or bad or sad. Dont be afraid to tell him, he longs for you to open up.

Lord, i want to always be open with you, to bare my soul to you. Increase my faith in you day by day. Amen.

This world is not my home!

As we enter the month of Novemeber which is traditionally dedicated to the ones who have gone before us, i am reninded of jim reeve's song, "this world is not my home". I know so many people especially in our times are so narrow minded, so to speak and are either embracing the new age philosophy of reincarnation, which to be honest, i find ridiculous or just living for the monent, after all, when you are dead, thats the end! (sighhh)

Faith is a gift from God and these days we are encouraged to have proof, we need to see something to believe it.  I do not subscribe to that personally. I know its hard to have hope especially in our world today but take heart, you do have a home thats not this world. It exists in eternity, beyond time and space. A special place prepared for you by your creator (God) and no one and nohing can take that away from you except your own choice.

God will always extend his mercy to you untill the last moment of your life. It is up to you to either …