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Mercy and Forgiveness

We have all done things we are not proud of, we have made mistakes. Our actions whether good or bad always have consequences. I personally believe that the intention behind our actions is what matters. If you do something "good" but with malicious intentions or intention to hurt others then it is not a good deed and vice versa.

We have to find a way to be patient with people. Sometimes people will hurt you deliberately or because of a genuine flaw in their character. No one is perfect and we have to remember that. Everyone deserves a second chance! When someone hurts you especially repeatedly, we sometimes make a decision to cut that person out of our lives, even if the person is family. We want to give up and shut that person out of our lives. Some people need someone in their lives to push them to make a positive change in their lives! If you give up on them what will become of them? You will be partly responsible for the misery in their lives! How many people do you and …

Naming children

Before you give a child a name you need to think carefully about the name you are giving your child. In the "old times" children were given names with meaning. Sometimes children were named according to the situation or season at the time of their birth. In Africa sometimes children were named names meaning "hunger" or "suffering" according to the situations at the time of their birth. Personally, i dislike such names because i believe names can have an impact on the child's life. Its one of the reasons why children sometimes change their names when they grow up and get to know the meaning of their names.

My first name is a Hebrew name meaning "abundance" or "excellence" and my last name is in my local language meaning "they are wise". My last name is quite long but when i grew up and got to know the meaning of it, i loved it! Both my names carry significant meaning and i believe it is a blessing on my life from God and m…

Grief and Mourning

Everyone of us has at one time or will at one time lose some one or something("a pet") we care about. It is one of the most difficult things in life to deal with the loss of someone we love. When someone has such a loss in their life the first thing that happens is shock or a state of numbness. People grieve in their own ways but i think sudden outburst of an emotion like sadness immediately such a loss happens is rare. But people are different. You cannot rush the grieving process. Yes, it is a process. You may wish to tell yourself that today i am going to get over it but you cant.

It is ok to grieve for a time. It is ok to be angry and sad and overwhelmed by the loss and do not be ashamed to cry. You need to let out all those emotions and then you will have truly started to heal. Some people say they can never move on after such a loss. Yes, people are different and such losses cut deep. However you have to try to move on with your life. Grieve and always remember your lo…


The desire to improve upon one's looks is not a bad thing. Most people are conscious about the way others around us perceive our appearance and it boosts our self worth when we feel that we are smart and attractive. I for one usually put a lot of effort into my clothing and i usually think about what i am to wear the next day. Does it match with my mood? I also always give myself the once over in a mirror before i leave home. Do i feel confident in what i am wearing today? Those are just a few of the questions in my mind when i am getting dressed. I usually put on make up and these days i feel less confident without it. And a fragrance is a must as i love to smell nice and fresh.

We should try always to maintain good standards of personal hygiene. Keep your clothes neatly ironed, brush your teeth regularly, keep your hair combed and neatly cut. You should also use breath mints to maintain fresh breath and at least use a deodorant to maintain a fresh scent throughout the day. Shave…

Lust and Passion

Being passionate is a good thing. Today i am writing my personal views and experiences about lust and or passion in the context of relationships. Most people would be flattered if they were viewed by other people as "sexy" or "hot".("i know i would!") Dating and relationships in today's world is very complex and you have to be tough to survive the emotional roller coaster that it is. Rushing into sexual relations with strangers or people you just met(one night stands) or sexual relationships with no intention of commitment(friends with benefits) is the norm especially among young people and even sadly(sigh) married people.

I personally draw the line at such relationships. I always make it clear that i am not interested in such relationships. You have to have some self respect because you are person not something to be used to scratch an itch. You need someone in your life who wants to get to know you! Someone who is interested in your work. your views…

Dreams and Ambition

Every great invention started with a dream which someone had that many others thought was impossible. Everyone has dreams and do not be afraid to dream big! The truth is that our dreams more often than not are different from what our parent's dreams are for us or what other people's expectations are for us. My cousin wants to study law but her parents are refusing to listen to her and support her choice. Parents always want the best for their children and i respect that. However at some point parents have to let go of their own expectations and dreams for what they think their children's dreams should be. They need to listen to their children, respect their decisions and support them while giving advice. Not every one is cut out for a career in sciences so let us respect people's dreams in the arts as well.

Ambition is good. You should always envision a better life than the one you have now and strive to achieve it. However your life goals should be realistic and achie…

Family Life

Yesterday i had an interesting conversation with my cousin about family life. It was a bit sad because family life these days seems to be getting more difficult and fraught with scandal. There is a lot of violence, betrayal, jealousy and even murder committed in families. Children are being abandoned by their parents, family members are fighting one another over land or money. Wives and husbands cannot stand being next to each other and yet they swore vows to each other in the sight of God and man.

I grew up in a loving family where i never saw my father ever raise a hand to hit my mother and neither did i ever see them argue or fight. Fighting in front of your children causes so much damage to their innocence and degrades family values. It is never easy even when you have loving parents to keep a family stable but you have to try and make it work. When two people bring a child into this world, there is no room for selfishness. You always have to put your child's needs before your…

Violence against other people

Currently there is an upsurge of tribal violence particularly in Uganda and Kenya. The recent clashes in western Uganda have claimed around 90 lives. In neighboring Kenya there have been violent riots in the capital Nairobi. This is very disturbing news indeed and should concern all of us. We should not take it lightly and think it does not directly affect us.

In my view violence against other people based on race, gender, ethnicity, social status or any other kind is wrong and cannot be justified. People are people. I may not always like everyone i meet but i do not discriminate against people and i am never violent towards them.

I know peaceful co-existance with all peoples and tribes is a very difficult thing to achieve but we all must try. Let us start with innocent children. We must bring them up to respect and love people of all cultures and tribes and races. Prejudices may run deep with adults but let us try to live together in harmony.

Acts of Terrorism

On tuesday night(01june2014), i received a message from a friend of mine on whats app saying terrorists were planning an attack on my city, Kampala so i should avoid public places with mass gatherings like shopping malls and bus parks. Not the first time i am hearing of a terror attack on our fair city or country. Living in today's world we are constantly receiving news about terror plots or actual terror attacks. Just recently kenya our neighbor suffered another attack in Nairobi at a market and before that there was the west gate mall attack in Nairobi.

Some time back the priest giving a homily on sunday talked about the kind of world we are living in now. He said we are so paranoid now that we might start running from one another soon. But can you really blame people for paranoia in the world we live in now. I do not understand terrorism and i cannot condone it. Some people say they use it as a means to bring about positive change in the world but how can you justify killing in…

Cruel Intentions of the heart

Some people smile with their lips and yet they have cruel or wicked intentions behind their smiles. I learnt the hard way that you should never be too trusting of people even those who you think are your friends. Someone made it her mission to spread malicious gossip about me and to cause me pain and yet i had never done a thing to her. When i confronted her about it, she feigned ignorance but i was firm and told her i would not tolerate any more of that. I am not a confrontational person but another lesson i learned is that you cannot take crap from anyone in your life.

If someone oversteps you can let it go but if it happens over and over again, that means that person does not respect you. You are not a door mat and you have to learn to speak up against injustice to you and to others. The world is a dangerous place indeed and there are many people out there who feed on the misery of others. You have to be cautious about who you trust. Do not disclose personal information about yours…