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Suffer Indignity or affirm your right?

Meekness or humility truly is one of the greatest virtues you can posess! It is not always the right course of action to affirm your rights. Yes , you suffer indignity at the hands of someone but we must always remember that people can never be forced to change or to do something. You can drag the horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink........we all know that saying.

That being said, humility  does cause someone to ponder and can make someone change their attitude. Sometimes you have to let somethings go, you cannot fight fire with fire. We need to learn how to meet people halfway, how to compromise.

It is difficult, to be humble in this world that promotes assertiveness and being aggressive. survival of the fittest and all that! While it is good to be assertive and know your rights, you need to balance that with a meek and humble attitude. Remember that humility also has a place in this world and in life and it shows great strength of character to be humble. Jesus meek a…

Looking back

Here, i am referring to those who while wanting to serve God, are often stifled by attachements to the world and people. In last sunday's Gospel, Jesus made it clear that you cannot serve him dutifully while staying attached to the things of this world.

We all have an attachment to someone or something in this world and how easy it is to become swept up by material things. We all want love in our lives and how easy it is to feel like the love we get from others is the most wondeful thing there is in life!

How easy we forget that God's love is the most important thing in life and how easy we try to replace his love with things and comforts from other people. We are only fooling ourselves. God's love which is true requires us to sacrifice everything for him who is our everything. He gave up everything for us, isnt it fair that we should give up everything for him?

It is a hard thing for all of us to give up everything we want and love for love of him but when you think about…

Show me who i really am Lord

People sometimes flatter us and tell us the things we would like to hear.  They may do it because they want something from you or so that they "spare" you hurt feelings. They say " the truth hurts", but lies hurt worse. Its better to deliver the truth in a gentle way than console someone with a lie.

Reality can be harsh but we need to learn to accept the truth , to see things and situtations for what they really are, not what we wish they were. Apparently, we all wear masks in life. We are a certain way with the people we love, at work or out in society and alone in the privacy of our homes.

Dont let the mask deceive you, the Lord knows who you are and you only have to ask him to reveal your true self. We all have flaws and things we wish we could hide about ourselves. Embrace your flawed humanity, your weaknesses are also a part of you. Just keep trying not to let them get the better of you, keep fighting to be better and accept that you are imperfectly perfect. S…

Vengeance is mine....says the Lord!

In the wake of the recent attacks in orlando, florida in the united states, alot of people are nervous about revenge. While i can imagine how much anger the victims of the families feel ,  vengeance only perpetuates the cycle of violence in society and never solves anything. I still do not understand why , with all the shootings that have happened in the united states, the goverment will not push for tighter legislation on gun control? (sighhh)

An eye for an eye was one of the first laws of the ancient Babylonians who were thought to be wise! While i think they were trying to be fair by setting such a law, they did not consider the fact that it never ends there and people will continue they cycle of violence untill no one is left standing! Grugdes are actually line bitter posion, we put so much energy into hurting someone we perceive to have wronged us or wronged the people we care about. When does it end? Do you even realise that the person you are hurting most by holding on to your …


Last week there were quite a few readings in the bible about dead people being brought back to life. Some people find it impossible to believe that but there are no limits to God's power. We live our lives sometimes haunted by shadows. By shadows, i mean things in life that seen to block the light of hope from reaching us!

Death ofcourse is one of those things but today i am writing about how life can sometimes seem so unfair and you can feel suffocated and even depressed. Everyone of us, whether wealthy or poor, sick or healthy, young or old is haunted by shadows. We are all faced with challenges, its how we respond to them that matters.

Shadows will awlays creep in but remember that the light banishes the shadow! No matter how difficult your life seems, there is always hope that things wil get better becasue believe it or not, nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles and you do not own all the problems in the world so chin up! God bless you all with his joy!