Last week there were quite a few readings in the bible about dead people being brought back to life. Some people find it impossible to believe that but there are no limits to God's power. We live our lives sometimes haunted by shadows. By shadows, i mean things in life that seen to block the light of hope from reaching us!

Death ofcourse is one of those things but today i am writing about how life can sometimes seem so unfair and you can feel suffocated and even depressed. Everyone of us, whether wealthy or poor, sick or healthy, young or old is haunted by shadows. We are all faced with challenges, its how we respond to them that matters.

Shadows will awlays creep in but remember that the light banishes the shadow! No matter how difficult your life seems, there is always hope that things wil get better becasue believe it or not, nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles and you do not own all the problems in the world so chin up! God bless you all with his joy!

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