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Maturity and Responsibility as an adult!

Today i was almost hit by a motorbike whose rider was moving in the wrong lane as i crossed the street.  I just shook my head in disbelief and went on my way. Honestly sometimes we are careless and we forget that we need to be responsible adults. We need to grow up and realise that we need to think twice before we do anything. 

If you are driving, yo u always have to keep a lookout for other people especially. In Africa, you alos need to look out for animals on the road too. Sometimes accidents are caused by poor driving or just plainly crazy driving. Sone people seem to be in such a hurry and are so impatient on the road. Would it kill you to wait in line if there is a jam rather than driving on the wrong lane?

Our own poor judgement of certain situations in our lives leads to problems we could have avoided. We also love to blame someone or something for our problems. We usually look for excuses and want to shift the blame to other people. We all need to grow up and own up to our dec…

Anger is linked to Pride

Someone close to me has a temper. He sometimes even moves from having a temper to becoming enraged. Honestly it scares me sometimes. Rage can drive us as human beings to do very careless and reckless. In a moment of rage we can do something we can never recover from and live a life full o regret.

If you really look deep within you and try to find out the root cause of anger, you will discover that it is pride that causes anger more often than not. If someone for example bumps into you on the street, you might get angry and think "how dare he/she? cant people look pay more attention to where they are going? If someone insults you, you think "who the hell does he/she think they are?" and so many other scenarios where we get angry are linked to pride.

My advice is if you get enraged easily, please  seek some help either professionally or with friends and family. Its a human weakness some people have to deal with and nothing to be ashamed of. Also, learn to walk away from s…

Customer service standards and excellence

Today i was speaking to a certain airline staff about getting something confirmed by email. The response i got was "sorry we don't do that here"!. I was shocked to say the least. In this era of competition, how can you afford to even appear rude? I work in the service industry and customer service excellence is a must in my job!

We all have bad days, days when you just feel like you want to be left alone. We all have problems and things that affect our moods. However in a  business environment, you have to set those issues aside. Your work demands that you serve clients and make them feel great and comfortable so that they never go elsewhere. It is your job, suck it up! There is no excuse for being rude when you are in the service industry and trust me your competitors are more than ready to serve your clients even better than you so don't even think about getting complacent!

Some clients may even report you to your supervisor and there are tons of people out there w…

Zeal in your profession

Yesterday my day was quite busy and i really felt tired when i left work. Work is never supposed to be easy i know but you have to keep motivated at work. I know some jobs are really boring and you do he same tasks everyday!(sucks right?) Thats why i think its important to do the work that you feel best suits your personality. It will help you to be selfmotivated at work and your work will become easier and more enjoyable.

I think you should also talk to the people you work with, crack some jokes, lighten the mood. However this should not be an excuse to slack off at work. You need to do your work efficiently because hello, that's what you are there for first of all! If a task is really difficult for you then please ask for help from your colleagues and try to work as a team at work. You will get things done faster and better for some tasks.

When i was younger, i wanted to be a doctor when i grew up. However in high school i struggled with physics and chemistry until i realized i …

I am because you are!

When i was still in elementary school, i remember loving science. I remember my lessons about bees. Bees are very social insects and they all work together to complete tasks in the hive. They depend on each other for their collective survival.

Human beings are meant to be like bees in as far as depending on each other for survival goes. In fact life would be miserable if we were alone in this world. We need to appreciate other human beings more because can you imagine a life without neighbors, or friends, or people moving on the streets beside you?

The spirit of "Ubuntu" is "i am because you are". Whether you are a president or a simple farmer or a doctor or a potter, what you do, does not define who you are! Every single human life is important and we need to start depending on one another not just for survival but because we genuinely care about each other! And whether you care to admit it or not, the truth is your successes are not solely based on your own effor…

I am not feeling Inspired today!

Hey my dear readers. Today i am feeling like i am in a slump of some sort! (sigh) I am feeling kinda low, burned out on energy and i am not feeling inspired to write today so i am sorry i have let you guys down. I think most people can relate to what i am feeling( or am i just consoling myself?) I think there are some days when we feel like we would rather curl up under the covers and stay there all day. Today is one of those days for me but i will be back to my upbeat self in no time. Have a better day than mine dear readers.


The Ebola virus is currently still raging in west africa. With the death toll at over a thousand people and rising, the current outbreak of the virus has been declared the worst in history. Uganda has had some outbreaks of this deadly virus in the recent past and we are still shaken. Because ebola is incurable, is contagious and kills rapidly, it instills fear in the people where it breaks out particularly africa.

Some people propose leaving the sick to die alone in order to prevent its rapid spread. Personally i think that is a very cruel solution. Ebola is very deadly and highly contagious and even health workers trying to fight the disease often times get infected and die. However we are human beings with dignity and compassion. The sick need help from relatives and health workers and constant care if they are ever to recover and a few of them actually do recover. We must not be cruel and selfish and think of only our own survival. We must come together and help our brothers and si…

Marriage Life

Most people love weddings and marriage is a wonderful thing! When two people come together and commit themselves to love each other till death parts them, it is truly a beautiful life event. The wedding itself, all the planning that goes into making sure everything is "perfect" from the gown, to the food, the music, the venue, the entourage. So much money and effort spent in planning an exquisite ceremony for friends and family. However after the euphoria of the ceremony wears off, reality sets in.

I think some people expect everything to be just as "perfect" everyday of their married lives. I personally always pay attention to the exchanging of vows. In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer(i think the poorer thing makes me nervous too), and forsaking all others, till death do us part! Hmmmmmmn, yes people recite them with smiles on their faces but do they ever ponder the meaning of their vows when married life turns sour?

Married life is fraught with many …

Gossip and Rumors

"Do not believe everything you hear" is a good saying to live by. People love to talk and whether you are good or bad people will always have something to say about you! Do not pay so much attention to people's thoughts and opinions about your life or your misfortunes. You cannot please everyone! People who love to gossip even sometimes exaggerate their stories and it becomes a complete distortion of the truth. I read somewhere that 'if you do not have anything nice to say about someone, do not say anything at all".

People who tell you about others will tell others about you. It would do you well to remember that before you indulge in gossip. If someone says something nasty behind someone's back, i personally try to conclude the conversation and that person will have lost respect in my eyes. People's reputations have been damaged by malicious gossip. If you have something to say to someone, go and say it to their face. Do not start telling other people …

Prayer And Spirituality

Whether you are willing to admit it to yourself or not, there is a sense of something missing in our lives. Even if we are successful, have families, businesses, are happily married, educated, wealthy, we still feel like something is missing in our lives. I believe that you cannot experience true peace in your life until you seek out God. "Our hearts are restless until they rest in you" so said St. Augustine about God. St. Augustine is a man who spent his youth searching for truth in books and lived for all the pleasures of life. However he could never find peace in all those pursuits and it is only when he found God in his later years that he found happiness!

When i am praying, sometimes i get distracted because my mind keeps wandering to worries and many thoughts. That is why it is good to turn off your phone and look for a quiet place if you can and just pray. Some people say that it is hard to find words to pray or they do not know how to pray. God is always waiting to …