The Ebola virus is currently still raging in west africa. With the death toll at over a thousand people and rising, the current outbreak of the virus has been declared the worst in history. Uganda has had some outbreaks of this deadly virus in the recent past and we are still shaken. Because ebola is incurable, is contagious and kills rapidly, it instills fear in the people where it breaks out particularly africa.

Some people propose leaving the sick to die alone in order to prevent its rapid spread. Personally i think that is a very cruel solution. Ebola is very deadly and highly contagious and even health workers trying to fight the disease often times get infected and die. However we are human beings with dignity and compassion. The sick need help from relatives and health workers and constant care if they are ever to recover and a few of them actually do recover. We must not be cruel and selfish and think of only our own survival. We must come together and help our brothers and sisters who are sick. International aid organisations as well as developed nations must do better to help the countries in west africa affected by the ebola virus. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, our fellow brothers and sisters in west africa. May God see you through this trial and bring you peace!

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