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Sex education and the link between sex and violence!

In our times, it is no longer taboo to talk about sex especially since we are growing up in a hyper sexualized world today but do we stop to ponder about the destruction of the innocence of our children? Some schools are even including a sex education class but what are they really teaching our children? They have no care and expose them to all kinds of information (like bondage) that ends up corrupting them instead of helping!

Last week, i was reading an article online about how some schools in the United states are including a sex education class to their students. I am not against sex education but there has to be some boundaries about it and children need to be instilled with a sense of morality by those entrusted to their care. Sexual violence seems to be on the rise today and according to a study, sex and violence trigger the same part of our brains. Is it any wonder that many young people have no respect for their partners or that they view them as nothing more than pleasure to…

He fills the hungry with good things..........

"Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven!" Oh how i wish we would all be poor in spirit and empty ourselves of all worldliness so we could receive the graces God longs to give us  to overflowing! The Assumption of Mary is one of the greatest Marian feasts and on this day (celebrated annually on the 15th of August), i reflect on the words of the Magnificat!

Mary is the greatest of all God's creation, she is truly God's masterpiece and all because she humbled herself before God and men! Mary was blessed from the moment of her conception (immaculate) and filled with supernatural grace. Mary is also created with bodily perfection (i believe) and is the most beautiful of creation. However Mary remains humble throughout her life, at the words of archangel Gabriel, she replies "I am the handmaid of the lord"....and thus she remains throughout her earthly life even though she was the daughter of the Father, Mother of the word and chaste s…

And this horde of yours....whose will it be then?

Last Sunday, the Gospel reading centered on a parable by Jesus of an avaricious man who feels falsely secure because of his great wealth! In the world we live in today, we think that great wealth equals security. People fawn over you and you can buy anything and everything you want. Anything you desire, you can attain and the world seems to be at your finger tips!

The rich man in the parable is very relatable to many of the wealthy people we have today. Just yesterday, i was watching a video about the difference between wealthy people and everyone else! Apparently "poor" people believe that money is the root of all evil and rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil. He had some good points but i disagree with him on that point!

How many wealthy people have acquired their wealth by breaking the backs of others? How many have taken what belonged to others by exploiting their weaknesses? Wealth at any cost is not worth it and recently i read an article that said t…