Rest in Peace....we all want that for the people close to us and any one who has passed on from this life. Its very nice to wish those who have died a peaceful rest but our assumption that they are in a better place and indeed resting is very wrong. It may bring the relatives and friends of those close to them some comfort but we need to be ready to accept the truth!

No matter how many tears are shed for the deceased, they cannot help them if you do not PRAY! We are all sinners and have not kept God's commandments faithfully! Only the pure of heart shall see God! Heaven is a place of purity and goodness where we shall see God as he truly is and possess him fully! Oh , how the thought of being there fills me with hope. But we must remmeber that we can only go there when our souls are pure!

Purgatory exists because of God's mercy. It is a place of purification and suffering. The souls there suffer immensely becuase they long to be joined to their creator but know that they must …

Am i not here.....I who am your mother?

The above words were spoken by our lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego, a recent convert to christianity in Mexico at a time when south america was steeped in culture of darkness and death (human sacrifice especially among the native tribes of mexico). He was anxious about the message he had been given by our lady and thought of it as too difficult. He was trying to escape when he encountered our lady and she spoke those calming words to him.

We recently celebrated the feast of Mary, mother of God! Mary is the mother of our saviour and the mother of all christendom and the human race. Children need the soothing touch of their mothers especially when experiencing difficulties. It is unfortunate that some people have lost their mothers or been abandoned by them in life.

However when we are faced with challenges and difficulties, the storms of life, we need only remember that we have the most tender of mothers, Mary. She is the undoer of knots and we only need to call out to her and she will…

The Light of christmas.........

In Matthew 2 : 6, It is written :


Christmas is here again and the spirit of christmas is alive! But stop to ponder about the true meaning of christmas. We are bombarded with adverts everyday about shopping, receiving gifts and eating our hearts out but is this the true meaning of christmas? When did it become more about presents and Santa Claus? About shopping and eating?

Christmas is about the coming of the great Light (Jesus). It is about how we receive that light and how we spread it to those in still in darkness! Christ is coming as he did over 2000 years ago in that little town of bethlehem! In that cave, hidden from the world, our saviour was born and he is coming again to be born in our hearts. The question is, are our hearts ready to receive him?

Look around you and you will no…

You are not rejected!

I got a very inspiring message on sunday morning about how builders use broken bricks later on in the building process to complete their work. The broken bricks are a metaphor for people in society who are basically ignored and considered of no value because of their station in life! People can even seem to reject you for no apparent reason or fault of your own.

God does not create worthless things and human beings especially are created with the dignity of bearing his image and being his children, are heirs to his kingdom. God uses the perceived weak as his instruments of glory. He loves a humble heart and such a heart will be exalted at the right moment in time.

It hurts so much to feel rejected. I do not know if there is a person alive who hasn't felt that way at some point in their lives. I know i have and its a terrible feeling. You may be forgotten now because of your sitiuation but God can never forget you. Just like the builder searches for the half bricks to complete the …

Receiving God with a pure heart.....

In this season of advent, we as christians are all waiting with joy for the birth of Christ! It is indeed an ocassion to rejoice on christmas. For we were once slaves to sin and death, but now we are free thanks to his coming! But do we often reflect that Jesus comes to us every day in the sacrament of the eucharist. Are we ready to receive him?

The Eucharist is a mystery of the church. Jesus loves us so much that even after he died and resurrected and ascended to the father, he did not want to ever be apart from us. He made it so that every time mass is said and the priest consecrates the host, it is transformed into his essence. He is truly present in the eucharist as true God and true man!

Many catholics and other christians, doubt the presence of Jesus in the eucharist. Its even more heartbreaking that even some priests and religious doubt this as well. I am a sinner and i know it but i am forever grateful to God for making himself a "prisoner of love." He is present in …

Blindness can take many forms...........

Last week in the Gospel, we are given the story of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. Physical blindness is a terrible affiliction but spiritual blindness is much worse and it can take many forms!

Often times we are blind to our own imperfections and focus on the perceived imperfections of others! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Why do we keep forgetting that? If we could only see ourselves in the mirror of God's light, oh how we would realize just how imperfect we are and just how much our actions affect other people.

There is also the blindness caused by selfishness! We hold people in contempt and do not permit our hearts to be moved by the suffering of others. Just like the crowd who tried to drown the blind man's plea, we shut or eyes and minds to the needs of others. How cold our hearts have become and we forget that the greatest poverty that exists is a heart devoid of love!

There will always be people trying to keep you down. Be like that poor wretch and…

Seek God first with sincerity of heart......

In the world of today its all about "quid pro quo". In otherwords do something for me and i will return the favor. We even try to build our relationships and professional contacts based on what the other person can offer you. Its very sad indeed and we even think we can do the same with God but how very wrong we are!

God sees the human heart clearly and can read your intentions. He knows your deepest desires and needs but he cannot be bribed or manipulated like human beings. We want so many things and are often envious of the sucess of others. Sometimes we even think we deserve to be happier than others because we have tried our best to be "good".

The Lord gives as he wills and he will continue to do so. He will still bless those who seem to be wicked in our eyes and those who seem just! We are all sinners first of all and no one is just before God! He does not owe us anything! He has already paid the price for our salvation with his blood. Seek God with a sincere …