learning to make concessions.....

You cannot be right all the time and everyone has a right to have his or her own view about something. Granted , sometimes peoples views and behavior is difficult to accept but you cannot understand someone untill you see things from his perspective.

Sometimes you may even be right but to avoid unecessary conflicts, let it go. Do not try to convince the other party that they are wrong. It is necessary to have a firm stand on certain things like what you believe in but you cannot force everyone to follow your belief. Let's take  the example of Religious beliefs. Some people were born into a certain faith and it has been solidified as they grew up. While i think people need to choose their own path as they grow older, i cannot judge someone based on their beliefs. I cannot say that i am right in my faith and they are wrong in theirs!

People may dislike you based on your beliefs but it doesnt matter, let them. Go on with your life. Do not lose sleep over what people may or may not th…

By the Grace of God....

On monday night, i was involved in a car accident on my way home from work.(faulty brakes) I was not the one driving and i have to say most likely is the driver's fault for not having the car propoerly checked out! If you are driving a public service , the least you can do is ensure the safety of your passengers!

Honestly,, we need to realize that money isn't worth somebody's life! Anyway, all the passenegers in the car survived with minor injuries and i know it was God's grace that saved us! I am not a good person, we are all human and make mistakes. I dont deserve to live more than anyone else. How many people die in accidents everyday? There is nothing special about me, God's grace was with us even though we did not deserve it.

Life is a gift freely given by God,  we do not deserve his grace! We are all sinners but God is gracious and merciful. Thanks be to God that i am still alive. Sometimes we want so many things and yet we forget that what we already have, w…

When tragedy strikes!

We are still in the wake of hurricane Harvey that devastated Houston recently. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this disaster. May God be your strength and may he comfort you in your time of distress!

So called natural disasters have been a part of life as long as the world has existed and will probably continue till the world's end. When such disasters strike, we tend to blame God saying how could a God who is good allow such a thing to happen? Some people's faith is often tested and they ask "where is God?"

I often think of Horatio Spafford' s song "it is well with my soul", in such times. I marvel at how a man who lost his children and his business , in a short span of time could be so calm. He had just rcently  lost his first child, when he lost his business in the Chicago fire of 1871. A few years later he lost his daughters in as ship wreck and penned the hymn it is well with my soul.

Life often times throws us into the deep end. …

Happiness can be found in our relationships

We are always searching for happiness in things and in accomplishments but true happiness can only be found in the way we relate with others. Whether its the co-worker you work beside every day or the people waiting for you at home or even strangers. The way we relate with others will either bring us joy or make us miserable.

Do you ever notice that a smile is contagious? That laughter really keeps you young and vibrant. (its a good thing, you cant laugh by yourself). Look  for the humor in every situation and try to laugh more. Smile at srangers too. Smile at your family and friends. Smile at your co-workers and your bosses!

I know life can be hard for many people and sometimes they think they have no reason to smile! Life is what you make it and if you choose to frown at people and build walls around yourself, you will never be happy. Treat people with dignity and respect and they will respond in the same way. Do not expect that everyone will be kind but take the first step. Reach o…

Rejoice oh highly favored!

That is the salutation addressed to the blessed virgin at the annunciation of our Lord's birth over 2000 years ago! Today, we celebrate the feast of the assumption, one of the greatest Marian feasts in church history. Hail, full of grace! Ponder on the greeting of arch angel Gabriel to Mary.

Mary is at first startled and unnerved by this greeting. She wonders why she is greeted as the "full of grace". Mary's wonderful humility shines through here. She cannot fathom how she, a mere creature of God,  can be full of grace. But oh, i marvel at her as the angel did. I cannot help but feel such pride for one so gracious as she, she is truly unparelled in all humanity.

Mary's fiat became our salvation. She humbly surrenders her whole being to the will of her God and her King. Do not think she does so lightly. She knows fully well the trials she will endure as mother of the redeemer. She recalls the words of Isaiah about the suffering servant, "he was chastised for …

You are awlays one decision away from where you want to be !

I was watching a motivational video shared by my friends on social media. A very wise lady i must say was saying that we keep day dreaming and never do anything to make our dreams a reality. I believe her exact words were "we see success stories and think one day while doing nothing, something happened!" Seriously? Has something ever come from nothing? Or young ladies keep hoping  that a rich man will come into their lives suddenly and they will live happily ever after.

Hmmmn....too much time spent day dreaming is bad for you. Her advice is dream with your eyes wide open and make those dreans a reality. I know its not that simple but honestly your decisions in life will define you! Lets try to be realistic while we dream. I do not mean limit your potential but learn to adapt your dreams to life's circumstances. When i was still in high school, i really wanted to be a doctor but my math and physics were abysmal. Chemistry wasnt that great either. I was always much better …

The folly of supremacy!

Last week, i heard that China is building a transcontinental railway line through eastern Europe and apparently one of the workers on the railway allegedly said that those opposed to the railway should be crushed under the heel of China. China has also apparently been behaving very aggressively with her neighbours in the east. I have also read a speech recently where President Trump is allegedly saying that black people are inferior intellectually to white people. I am not sure if he actually said those words, but i know there are people out there who think and feel that way. They are completely wrong and  i pity them.

If you cannot appreciate the differences that exist between people and instead prefer to spread hatred just because people aren't the same as you, then i think its sad! It makes you a very sad human being indeed! We are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect worthy of our race! No one has the right to dominate others and subdu…