Is the novel Coronavirus 2019 a cover up?

Yesterday i was reading an article about covid 19 (corona unmasked) currently ravaging China. In the article, the writer claims to be a Chinese former intelligence officer with insider information about the actual situation on the ground there. He also claims that covid19 is a a cover up disguised as a corona-virus but in actual sense is a bio weapon developed to try to control the population. He links its creation with the 2019 protests in Hong Kong and includes a video link at the bottom showing what life is like for the infected.

There are many conspiracy theories about this new corona virus and rumors of some nations developing bio weapons despite it being illegal! History is not on our side and Russia developed Anthrax in the past as a bio weapon. There are also several rumored locations of various labs around the world studying viruses not for scientific purposes but to weaponize them!

"There is no smoke without fire" the famous saying goes. I recently wrote abo…

How are you "influencing" people?

In this age of social media, we are constantly asked to follow the so called "influencers" and like their pages or follow their advice. However do we stop to ponder what exactly these people are influencing us to do? Are they actually giving us good solid advice or just marketing for big companies or their own businesses?

Recently, i watched a video and the person featured in it was asking us to take a closer look at these influencers! Are they trying to promote unrealistic standards of beauty with their heavily made up faces and retouched photos? Are they trying to deceive us into thinking material wealth can make you happy with their photos of luxury cars and beautiful mansions?

Lets not buy into the hype. Remember "not all that glitters is gold" Never try to live your life as a version of someone else. No matter how famous and put together people seem, you are not getting the real picture of their lives. Some celebrities/influencers will even encourage you to do …

Collateral damage........

I first learnt about collateral damage while watching a TV show but those in the military and top leadership positions of the world are familiar with it. I try to understand that leadership often times means making tough choices under pressure but isn't every human life invaluable?

US Iran tensions flared up after one of their top generals (Qassem Soleimani) was killed in drone strike authorized by US President Donald Trump. A few days later, a Ukraine international passenger plane was shot down by a missile in Iran shortly after take off. All actions have consequences and the actions of the US President indirectly led to this. I think he needs to consider that part of their blood is on his hands!

It is unfortunate that the innocent always suffer for the actions of the elite leaders. There is a proverb that says "when Elephant fight, the grass suffers". I have never been in a position of leading a country or state but i must say, we expect better from our leaders! Leader…

God is with us......Christmas joy!

The wait of advent is almost over, Christ will soon be with us but the question is, will He find faith and open hearts? I love this time of the year, i have always been a sucker for the holidays. Its easy to get caught up in shopping, decorations and food but we must never lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas, that God came to live among us as one of us!

O Come Emmanuel indeed! The world is filled with selfishness and many people seem to have lost the true meaning of Christmas. In my country, robberies are on the rise at this time of the year as people are pressured to keep up with the materialistic world. Many people are actually so stressed over this period that they cannot even enjoy it.

Christ was born in a cave in Jerusalem, over two thousand year ago but do we stop to ponder with what joy the Blessed Virgin Mary bore him? What joy the shepherds had when they received the good news from the Angel? What joy the magi received the King of Kings? Take a moment to ponder the jo…

The Rock of St. Peter........

There is only one true church founded by Jesus himself and that is the Holy Roman Catholic Church! The Church is literally built on the bones of St. Peter himself. (St. Peter's basilica in Rome). In Matthew chapter 16, Jesus says to Peter, "you are Peter (kefa) and on this rock i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail over it!"

There have been many criticisms of our current Pope, Francis. Some conservative and traditional Catholics think him to be too "soft" and have accused him of causing confusion by some of his statements and by the recent synods especially the one on the Amazon. (where priestly celibacy was up for discussion and the pachamama was displayed in the Vatican). Some even viewed this as a display of idolatry and were outraged!

I will not judge the Pope's words and actions anymore than i would judge other peoples! The motives behind one's actions and words are hidden from mortals and only God can rightly judge a perso…

Obsession with darkness.....

People have started to think about Halloween which occurs on the last day of October each year as a "harmless" holiday. In fact its become such a big holiday in certain countries like the United States that it may one day even surpass Christmas! Cities and homes are often decorated with all kind of scary decorations and games are created for children. It seems all in good fun as we try to spook each other out but have we ever stopped to ponder about our current obsession with darkness?

If you take a close look at our current media, both print and television even the internet, you will discover a disturbing curiosity in the occult! People do not even seem to realize how wrong that is! We think its just a joke or entertainment for us. Wicca and other new age ideologies are on the rise and we think that even witches can be good, so called light magic! Do not be fooled, there is no such thing as good witches or good magic! Human beings were not meant to be clairvoyant or have kn…

Humanity.....where are your priorities?

The Amazon fires have been recently in the media spotlight as well as the Notre Dame fire where millions were contributed to have it restored. The Amazon was even hailed as the lungs of the world because of its immense forests which help to purify the air in the world. The air which we are continuously polluting with our focus on industry at the expense of the environment.

While i laud these valiant efforts as they have some good merit, i cant help but wonder, where are our priorities as human beings? We have forgotten the most important things and seem to be pursuing "trivial" matters with more vigor than our true issues! I will take the example of abortion. Did you know that over 1.5 billion babies have been aborted since 1980? Did you know that on average more than 1000 abortions are carried out daily in the United States?

All i ever hear about is a woman has the right to choose and some circumstances such as rape and incest or danger to a mother's life justify it! Wh…