The value of Family............

It can be difficult and many times challenging to be a family especially in the current pandemic of covid19. All our lives have been affected greatly by the challenges of living with it especially families which have had to bear financial difficulties stemming from the collapse of businesses and loss of jobs. Many have also been stressed by the mounting bills and debts from loans acquired before the pandemic hit!
There has been a rise in cases of depression and suicides as people struggle to cope with life in this era. Families seem to have borne the brunt of the pandemic especially here in Africa where we were already struggling with poverty even before covid19. People were unable to work in the ensuing lock downs to prevent its spread and yet most of us earn a living from daily work activities. The anxiety from loss of employment and business collapse has hit us all very hard.
There have been bitter quarrels and fights in the family over finances and property but that isn't the wo…

Filthy African Politics..........

I received an interesting video on social media a while back featuring a priest speaking. In his homily he said many Africans enter politics as a means to get rich quickly without really working hard at all! As i pondered this, i realized just how true this is! In my own country Uganda we will soon have over 500 members of parliament and of course the burden of their expenditure will be borne by our already suffocating civil servants! Its been a difficult year all over the world due to the pandemic of covid 19 and its ripple effect. People have lost their loved ones, their homes, their businesses, their jobs. At such a critical point in our lives we would hope that for one African Governments would support us. Just for once hoping that they would do the decent thing but our hopes have been in vain! I work in the Tourism industry which is shattered and struggling to rebuild post covid but our Government couldn't be bothered to support the Industry that earns it the most in foreign …

Racial tensions and covid 19

When the covid 19 pandemic first broke out in China late last year, it heightened racial tensions and brought out some of the worst qualities in humanity! I am a person of color and i have experienced it. Not violently, but mostly veiled! Black people / Africans usually get the brunt of racism. I wont deny that for once i was not unhappy that the Chinese and White people got to see what it was like to be somewhat in our shoes! I really wish we could all learn from this and see just how small minded you are when you are racist!

Fast forward to May 2020 and the death of George Floyd who was suffocated to death by white police officers in the United States. While i understand that the violence from the riots was terrible, i was appalled that something like that could happen in the 21st century! ENOUGH really is ENOUGH, how can anyone justify such behavior? I was ashamed on behalf of all of Humanity. We really need to ask ourselves is this the future we want for the human race?

Change start…

The desire for control and a New World Order

We  have been facing a pandemic for the past couple of months. I have never lived in a pandemic but its been trying to say the least! I know so many people are struggling just to make it through the day and have been for sometime now, having had to endure months in lock down. I know some people have not taken the threat of the virus seriously but at some point we need to ask ourselves what about how the fear of the virus has been used to control us?

When the virus was first reported about by the Chinese government in December last year, there were many conspiracy theories about how it first spread. I was a bit skeptical at first and was leaning towards the theory that it could have "jumped " from live wildlife at the Wuhan market. Months of reflection and unfolding world events have however pushed me towards thinking it is not far fetched to think the virus was man made and targeted towards creating a panic and seizing control of populations by large corporations and Governme…

Covid 19....a true test to Humanity!

My country Uganda became the latest country to go on semi lock down yesterday as per the President's instructions. Mass gatherings of people have been banned and schools closed for 32 days pending review of the situation. Most of Europe is already on lock down and many countries all over the world have closed borders and banned foreigners from entering!

I had never lived in a pandemic before until now. The previous pandemic was the influenza of 1920 which killed an estimated 50 million people around the world. I can imagine that's a truly frightening number but covid 19 has caused such chaos, such panic and brought out the worst in people! We are now creating divisions based on how many cases have been discovered in certain countries and people from those countries have now become "persona non grata" We need to stand together in this situation. While i understand how bad the situation is, i think we need to handle it with more sensitivity. Lets not trade insults or a…

The world in danger......message from Kibeho!

When our Lady appeared in Kibeho, Rwanda she brought a message for the world. She said the world was in danger of falling into an abyss if we did not turn back to God. Humanity has been stubborn and refused to heed Mary's warnings and we can see the effects. Just take a look at the world today, disaster after disaster. We started the year 2019 with the threat of a world war, volcanic eruptions and wild fires and now the pandemic of covid 19!

In summary our lady gave us the below messages in Kibeho ( highlights)

"Ndi nyina wa Jambo"(I am the Mother of the Word)Repent while you still have timePray without hypocrisyA child of Mary accepts his / her sufferingIf you do not repent, the world will fall into an abyss!Pray unceasingly from the heartYou cannot attain heaven without sufferingPray the rosary of the seven sorrows and meditate on Jesus passionPray for the church always as it has trying times ahead!Love and forgive one another! The world is threatened today on all sides…

Is the novel Coronavirus 2019 a cover up?

Yesterday i was reading an article about covid 19 (corona unmasked) currently ravaging China. In the article, the writer claims to be a Chinese former intelligence officer with insider information about the actual situation on the ground there. He also claims that covid19 is a a cover up disguised as a corona-virus but in actual sense is a bio weapon developed to try to control the population. He links its creation with the 2019 protests in Hong Kong and includes a video link at the bottom showing what life is like for the infected.

There are many conspiracy theories about this new corona virus and rumors of some nations developing bio weapons despite it being illegal! History is not on our side and Russia developed Anthrax in the past as a bio weapon. There are also several rumored locations of various labs around the world studying viruses not for scientific purposes but to weaponize them!

"There is no smoke without fire" the famous saying goes. I recently wrote abo…