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Learning to savor life............

Did you ever notice that if you rush through some thing, you miss certain things about it? Lets take the example of a meal, when your rush through it, you miss the flavors and even end up with indigestion? Ask yourself what you are rushing for or to? There is a famous quote that says

Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one is listening,
Love as though you have never been hurt,
Live each day like its your last!

Everyday we put off doing things until a later time. I will take that trip when am retired, i will visit that friend sometime soon or call them up soon and we end up never doing it! Someone once put off meeting a friend and was too late because the friend died before they could meet up. There is nothing worse than living a life of regret!

In life, we need to take the time to enjoy each day! Do not rush even though we live in a world that seems to push us to an unrealistic pace! The virtue of patience is getting more and more scarce. Lets all take a moment to savor life an…

Adversity and Perseverance...........

I like the story about Joseph in the Bible and how the Israelites came to settle in Egypt. Joseph was dumped in a pit by his brothers and left to die due to their jealousy. He is rescued and becomes a servant in Egypt. Falsely accused by the wife of his employer, he is imprisoned until his God given gift of interpreting dreams brings about his rise in society to the rank of Governor of Egypt!

Storms in our life are sometimes there to awaken in us our full potential! We often get too comfortable and settle for less than what we can achieve. We are all capable of doing great things depending on our approach to adversity. Life throws your curve balls often but that doesn't mean you bury your head in the sand and give up.

The truth is you never know how to strong you are until your back is against the wall! When you face challenges and go through them, you may not know how you will survive but you do! You survive and you only become a stronger person for it. We sometimes look at beaut…