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You are me!

You might think its a strange think to say, you are me. What i mean is that , even though human beings are unique in the way they were created, we are the same. You and i are the same, despite our titles, status, appearance and race. We are one and the same. Again i emphasize that we are the same!

Sometimes we are born into certain circumstances like wealth or we acquire it through work, even illicitly or we are educated or good looking or talented...the list goes on. It is a wonderful thing yes to be priveleged or to work hard for good things in life. There is no fault in that. The problem comes when you think or feel that becuase of your so called accomplishments, or wealth, or title or beauty, others who lack the same or have less of them are perceived as being beneath you!

That kind of atttiude is completely wrong. Do your accomplishments make you any less human? Are you better than me just because i do not have the same things you do in life? Is your blood blue or red just like m…

The cross of the redeemer!

On wednesday this week, we celebrated the feast of the exaltation of the cross. I write celebrate in a mxed way because through the cross we were saved and yet it was such a terrible suffering for the one who bought us our freedom. Whenever i meditate on the words of isaiah " he was crushed for our iniquities, by his stripes, we are healed", i shudder at the price that had to be paid.

Yes, let it move our cold hearts! The price that was paid by our saviour was his blood. He was indeed crushed like the wine press crushes a grape. Stripes is a mild word for what a scourging is supposed to be. Scourgings were quite long and very painful. His body was practically torn into bits by the scourges , not to mention the humiliation.

" I will set my face like flint and i know i shall not be shamed". Our savior humbled himself and accepted the most cruel death and endured the most cruel insults, all so he could save us! Can you imagine being God and letting the misery and filt…

True Art

Art may be subjective and apparently some people do not have an "artist's" eye or do not appreciate art. However i draw the line at certain things which are considered art. For example certain things deisplayed in art galleries and museums today are simply ridiculous, such as large sponges and paintings which make you think, what is that supposed to be? What was the artist trying to portray?

While i do think that art pieces should challenge us and make us think, i feel that some artists are not true artists in the sense of the word and are just cheating their audiences. Don't get me started on abstract art. I believe art should be beautiful and expressive of the artist's passion not grotesque and confusing. I am sorry but i am just not buying what some artist's are selling today. I am not an art critic but i am not an idiot either! Not everybody has the talent for it, sorry!

Why not now?

Yesterday, i had an interesting conversation with one of my friend's who is running her mother's restaurant while her mother convalesces from an accident. (sigh) She is still a young lady and it is hard work and she was abit down about it saying she had put so many things on hold and she still has to wait longer because it will take a while for her mother to get back on her feet.

Today morning, my brother informed me that he was cut from his new job as a teacher. Granted he didnt train as a teacher but i think he was a bit down too. We have all been at that point in our lives where we wish we could see progress but we just cant. Yesterday the priest in my local church reminded us in his homily that as long as you have life, change is possible and you cannot give up just because things are tough right now.

Honestly, its hard to keep your chin up when you feel like life has given you lemons. Sometimes we compare our lives to others and we say to ourselves, why not now? When will…

Your grace still amazes me! (a kind and noble heart in a man)

Last sunday, one of our parishoners was giving a testimony in our local church about the power of prayer. It involves a rather sad story about how an accident changed the life of his daughter and his whole family in general. It is a truly otuching story and it gives hope to us all that God still works miracles among us and he lives in you and me.

To make a long story short, his daughter was involved in a hit and run accident on her way back from school. Yes, his daughter who is still a child was hit by a local taxi (matatu) and dashed her head on the tarmac. The girl was left for dead by the taxi driver who drove a short distance away and disappeared.  Onlookers just looked at the girl curiously and would not help her. At that point of his testimony, i was so angry and disappointed at humanity in general. She is just a little girl for heaven's sake. How can we just look at her dying and do nothing about it? What happened to our consciences? When did we become beasts?
Mercifully, G…