Your grace still amazes me! (a kind and noble heart in a man)

Last sunday, one of our parishoners was giving a testimony in our local church about the power of prayer. It involves a rather sad story about how an accident changed the life of his daughter and his whole family in general. It is a truly otuching story and it gives hope to us all that God still works miracles among us and he lives in you and me.

To make a long story short, his daughter was involved in a hit and run accident on her way back from school. Yes, his daughter who is still a child was hit by a local taxi (matatu) and dashed her head on the tarmac. The girl was left for dead by the taxi driver who drove a short distance away and disappeared.  Onlookers just looked at the girl curiously and would not help her. At that point of his testimony, i was so angry and disappointed at humanity in general. She is just a little girl for heaven's sake. How can we just look at her dying and do nothing about it? What happened to our consciences? When did we become beasts?
Mercifully, God still lives in some of us. There was a good samaritan who was a passenger in the taxi that was involved in the hit and run. He doubled back and went to see what happened to the little girl. He hired a motorcycle (boda in my local lingo) which took the girl to a nearby private clinic. He then called the the litttle girl's school (the phone number was in one of her books) and informed them of the accident and the school then called her family. The girl has been through alot and is still recovering but she is no longer in a coma and has regained most of her memory. She truly is a testimony to the power of prayer and to God's love for us. No one knows who the good samaritan is but he or she is truly an angel and a God send. It gives me new hope that we are not completely lost as humans and that God still dwells amomg us. Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth. Amen


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