You are me!

You might think its a strange think to say, you are me. What i mean is that , even though human beings are unique in the way they were created, we are the same. You and i are the same, despite our titles, status, appearance and race. We are one and the same. Again i emphasize that we are the same!

Sometimes we are born into certain circumstances like wealth or we acquire it through work, even illicitly or we are educated or good looking or talented...the list goes on. It is a wonderful thing yes to be priveleged or to work hard for good things in life. There is no fault in that. The problem comes when you think or feel that becuase of your so called accomplishments, or wealth, or title or beauty, others who lack the same or have less of them are perceived as being beneath you!

That kind of atttiude is completely wrong. Do your accomplishments make you any less human? Are you better than me just because i do not have the same things you do in life? Is your blood blue or red just like mine ? It is a great thing to remain humble when life has given you almost everything you desire. Remember someone once said "the greatest tragedy in life is to lose everything you desire, the other is to gain it". (shakespeare i think) There is no perfect life, everyone's life has challenges, priveledged or not. Just remember  that you are me and we are each other. God bless you all!


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