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Humanity.....where are your priorities?

The Amazon fires have been recently in the media spotlight as well as the Notre Dame fire where millions were contributed to have it restored. The Amazon was even hailed as the lungs of the world because of its immense forests which help to purify the air in the world. The air which we are continuously polluting with our focus on industry at the expense of the environment.

While i laud these valiant efforts as they have some good merit, i cant help but wonder, where are our priorities as human beings? We have forgotten the most important things and seem to be pursuing "trivial" matters with more vigor than our true issues! I will take the example of abortion. Did you know that over 1.5 billion babies have been aborted since 1980? Did you know that on average more than 1000 abortions are carried out daily in the United States?

All i ever hear about is a woman has the right to choose and some circumstances such as rape and incest or danger to a mother's life justify it! Wh…