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You are not defined by the perceptions of other people!

I recently received a video about Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie is a beautiful , amazing young woman who was born with a genetic disorder that does not allow her to gain any weight! Growing up Lizzie had to deal with bullies and at age 17 was dubbed the "world's ugliest woman in a you tube video". I was speechless at the cruelty of human beings. How could someone do that to her?

Today Lizzie is a great motivational speaker, author and graduate. She made a choice , a very brave one not to let the cruelty and shallowness of some people define her. She is so strong and such an inspiration to thousands of people around the world today!

There is a alot of negativity in the world today but only you can decide how you deal with it. You can chose to be bitter and spew hatred and venom if its hurled at you or you can use that to grow! People can be cruel but use that cruelty and let it make you strong. Do not let them win! Do not let the bitterness around you change you. You were made…

Living for others..............

Yesterday, someone shared with me a beautiful life quote. It starts with the words, "does a candle lose anything by lighting another candle? Obviously not! In our era of today, we have forgotten the true meaning of life and what happiness really is!

Just look towards nature. Do flowers bloom for their own benefit? Is their sweet fragrance smelt by them? Do trees eat their own fruit? Does the radiant sun shine for its own benefit? The list is endless!
Our selfish nature notwithstanding, we were created to help and complement one another!

You do not lose anything by being kind. Your talents will only shine brighter when used to help others. Be an inspiration to someone everyday and you will discover that true fulfillment in life is in service to others. Let your motto come from Jesus, "I am among you as one who serves".
God bless you all!

This wicked generation....

Recently, there have been quite alot of kidnappings, robberies , rapes and murders in Kampala. The police still havent been able to get the people responsible and people are in a state of disbelief and fear! When did Uganda become so unsafe?

Honestly everywhere around the world, terrible things are happening and seem to be on the rise. Its not just here and the motive for these terrible crimes seems to be money or sometimes a vendetta. History has proved countless times that an eye for an eye never bring justice, it only perpetuates the cycle of violence!

We are truly a wicked generation! We who think, are enlightened and advanced due to technology have degraded ourselves to the point of being worse than animals! How can we say we are enlightened when we treat human life with such disregard? In my opinion, abortion is one of the worst things to happen and have been accepted and its truly horrific. If we can murder innocent babes in their mothers wombs, then we no longer have any respe…