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My Grace is enough for you...........

Paul in the new testament speaks of a "thorn in his side." An angel of satan sent to torment him. He asks the lord three times to remove it but the lord replies "my grace is enough for you for my power is greatest in a time of weakness".

God's ways are not our ways......we need to have a little more faith! (or alot more) Human beings are not perfect, we have many weaknesses! There is however often in life a situation that doesnt seem to get better no matter how much you try or pray. I have mine, to be honest it seems like a heavy cross but i want to keep fighting everyday!

I visited Kibeho (a remote town in rwanda) last year in October. It is famous for the first approved appartions of the virgin Mary in Africa. Our lady's message to the world is that we must embrace our crosses with humility, patience and love. We cannot hope to reach heaven one day if we do not carry the cross and follow Christ!

Lord, help us everday to embrace our crosses with love and f…

What is in a name?

There is power and truth in a name, believe it or not. When parents are naming children, they ought to be careful about the names they choose! Names can haunt you or be a source of blessing! Some people even grow up to be a certain way because of the names they were given.

I have two names. My christian name is a hebrew name meaning abundance or excellence. My sur name is in my native tongue, meaning wisdom. Very beautiful names, filled with meaning. I love them and i am glad my parents named me well.

As a christian, i would advise naming your children after the saints or holy people. They were filled with virtue and some of their graces will rub off on them. Naming your children after graces is also a good choice. Lets all take time to ponder the power of a name before we give one or take on one!
God bless you all!

The violence caused by sin......

Human life is the most precious gift, a gift freely given by God to us who are so undeserving of it!
 Do we ever stop to ponder about the value of life? There is a quote that says" there is a difference between a human being and being human"

Oh my how the world has changed! In my country today (Uganda), thugs will not just take all your belongings but will beat you to a pulp as well. You would even be considered lucky to escape with your life! What happened to us? When did we lose sight of the value of life and replace it with mere things?

In our materialistic lifestyles, we use people and treasure things! The world today is engulfed in cycles of violence. Everyday someone is viciously assualted, raped, murdered, kidanapped or robbed! This is the result of a humanity lacking in God's grace. We have ignored God and moved further and further away from his teaching. This is what you are , oh seemingly enlightened humanity, worse than the beasts!

As per the requests of The B…

What is my legacy?

We often times do not want to think about death but it is a part of our lives and when we think about death, it forces us to think about how we have lived our lives! What is your true legacy? What will you leave behind even after your are gone? I believe in life after death but that life will be greatly determined by the lives we have lived here on earth!

Recently i was watching a video showing a speech given by Oprah winfrey at a college graduation. In this speech, Oprah gave a wonderful speech about life and legacy. She says being wealthy and able to buy so many material things will NOT fulfill you! Living a life of service, of giving ones whole self to others, will!

She also says she once had a conversation with Maya Angelou in which she tells her that her legacy will be the school she built in South Africa. Maya replies with great wisdom and says, "you have no idea what your legacy will be!" Oprah then says she wants to leave the audience with the final words of wisdom, …

The power of love...........

As i watched the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, i was pleasantly surprised by the homily from Reverend Michael Curry. I could see that many of the guests in the audience were disturbed. To be honest, it made me uneasy but in a good way. His words seemed to penetrate the heart and his powerful message could not be ignored!

His homily touched on a number of subjects including the history of slavery in the United states, the industrial revolution and the discovery of fire...e.t.c. But the main theme was the power of love and not just "romantic love" but the redemptive power of love. The world we live in today is so full of selfishness and hatred, there is alot of bitterness and lack of compassion for one another. As i write this today, my country Uganda has been plagued by shootings of public figures and numerous kidnaps. We used to be such a peaceful people but oh how things have changed!

This world needs to rediscover love in all its forms and as Reverend Cu…

Come Holy spirit.........

Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth! Sunday will be pentecost and a great feast to remember the first descent of the Spirit in Jerusalem so many years ago. But it is not only ceremonial, the earth is in need of the comforter, the spirit of love and truth. We are in desperate need of God's wisdom and love!

Take a look at the world now and ponder about the situation we are living in. Wars are increasing and the threat of another world war is ever looming due to global tensions with "world powers". The humanitarian crisis is devastating in Syria, in Sudan, in Congo..etc. Christians are being persecuted for their faith all over the world. Abortion and euthanasia are being gradually accepted as well as "gay marriage". Our leaders have failed us and seem to pursue selfish interests. The number of homeless people and unemployed increases every year and so many die of hunger! The earth is also seemingly unstable with numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruption…

Life always has a valley............

I am dealing with a personal health crisis that has been recurrent and getting stronger. Its now resistant to some of the medication i have been taking! Very scary indeed and quite serious. Honestly i did not how bad it was untill i sat down with my doctor last week and he looked at me with a grave face and said the lab results were not good! (sigh)

I choose to wake up every day and fight and i will overcome this! Life is sometimes rosy but the thorns are always there at some point. When i was younger, i used to think that some people had it so easy, that some people didn't have troubles. Fast forward to today and i realise life isn't like that for anyone and life seldom stays the same. Today you are on the hilltop and tomorrow, you are tumbling into the valley. As they say in French, "c'est la vie"

Life is full of mountains and valleys and we cannot expect to have a flat road. A life devoid of challenges isn't a life worth living. Every situation you have ex…

Living without day at a time!

Usually at the moment of death, i think we regret the things we DIDN'T do rather than the things we did! I haven't been at that point yet but i imagine those would be my thoughts too! We wont be thinking about work and career but about how much we lived and loved!

We are so preoccupied with work most of our lives that we forget to really live. We are here on earth for a purpose and work is part of that purpose but its not all we are! I recently got an inspirational video and the message was that we postpone living. The fact is we live and we die and we cannot control our birth or death. We can only choose how we will live in between.

We should never be frustrated about our jobs / work. Its only a part of life and we shouldnt focus on it too much waiting for a time when we can enjoy later! The time to live is now! Be happy and remember you only live once. Do not let life pass you by, take time to enjoy life one day at a time. Spend time with your family and friends while you st…

The prince of this world...........

Recently, the church of satan was opened in Colombia. It is very heart breaking and continues to trouble my mind! The cult leader (Victor Damian Razo) claims they are not worshipping the devil, but Lucifer, the fallen angel expelled for his pride! Lucifer and Satan are the same person so i dont know who he is trying to deceive here!

I cannot understand how people can be so blind as to worship evil! Lucifer is evil incarnate and he is only capable of hatred and malice! Do not deceive yourself into thinking that there is any good in him. Some very misguided people think they should sympathise with his cause because he was "unjustly" judged by God. Angelic beings were created with full knowledge and thus his sin could not be forgiven. He knew fully well what he was doing when he rebelled against God!

Lucifer / Satan is the prince of this world but make no mistake, he is evil and only desires your downfall. He is an expert at deception and flattery so do not fall for his trap. L…

Comparison robs us of contentment..........

I recently received an inspirational video that focused on comparison. Basically the message was that we become depressed and envious when we compare our situations and lives to others! It also helps us to ponder why it seems that the people who have the most, are the most unhappy?

Everyone has a different journey and a different life story. The sooner we accept that, the better for us. There will always be someone smarter, wealthier, better looking or more talented than you! So what? Does that mean they are better people than you or that your life matters any less than theirs? No, your unique life has purpose and meaning whether you are an educated professor or a high school drop out!

Do not let comparison rob you of your joy and contentment. Instead of focusing on what others have thna you do not, focus on what you do have! There is no one on earth who has nothing to contribute. We all make life on earth beautiful and meaningful. We each have a purpose and a unique journey, discover…

You are not defined by the perceptions of other people!

I recently received a video about Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie is a beautiful , amazing young woman who was born with a genetic disorder that does not allow her to gain any weight! Growing up Lizzie had to deal with bullies and at age 17 was dubbed the "world's ugliest woman in a you tube video". I was speechless at the cruelty of human beings. How could someone do that to her?

Today Lizzie is a great motivational speaker, author and graduate. She made a choice , a very brave one not to let the cruelty and shallowness of some people define her. She is so strong and such an inspiration to thousands of people around the world today!

There is a alot of negativity in the world today but only you can decide how you deal with it. You can chose to be bitter and spew hatred and venom if its hurled at you or you can use that to grow! People can be cruel but use that cruelty and let it make you strong. Do not let them win! Do not let the bitterness around you change you. You were made…

Living for others..............

Yesterday, someone shared with me a beautiful life quote. It starts with the words, "does a candle lose anything by lighting another candle? Obviously not! In our era of today, we have forgotten the true meaning of life and what happiness really is!

Just look towards nature. Do flowers bloom for their own benefit? Is their sweet fragrance smelt by them? Do trees eat their own fruit? Does the radiant sun shine for its own benefit? The list is endless!
Our selfish nature notwithstanding, we were created to help and complement one another!

You do not lose anything by being kind. Your talents will only shine brighter when used to help others. Be an inspiration to someone everyday and you will discover that true fulfillment in life is in service to others. Let your motto come from Jesus, "I am among you as one who serves".
God bless you all!

This wicked generation....

Recently, there have been quite alot of kidnappings, robberies , rapes and murders in Kampala. The police still havent been able to get the people responsible and people are in a state of disbelief and fear! When did Uganda become so unsafe?

Honestly everywhere around the world, terrible things are happening and seem to be on the rise. Its not just here and the motive for these terrible crimes seems to be money or sometimes a vendetta. History has proved countless times that an eye for an eye never bring justice, it only perpetuates the cycle of violence!

We are truly a wicked generation! We who think, are enlightened and advanced due to technology have degraded ourselves to the point of being worse than animals! How can we say we are enlightened when we treat human life with such disregard? In my opinion, abortion is one of the worst things to happen and have been accepted and its truly horrific. If we can murder innocent babes in their mothers wombs, then we no longer have any respe…

Shared Blessings........

Yesterday i was reminded of the reason why some people seem to be blessed more than others! In the homily, the priest in my local church reminded us not to be selfish with God's blessings. "To whom much is given....much will be required!"

Some people have millions in their bank accounts but cannot be bothered to help out a homeless person! And not just money, we are selfish with our hearts and time as well! We all keep thinking about creating a better life for ourselves but do we ever stop to think that the first step to making a better life is helping others?

When you are blessed by God, dont raise your standard of living, raise your standard of giving! It is true that there is more joy in giving than receiving and the more you give, the more you get! In the words of mother theresa of calcutta, "give untill it hurts". It doesnt matter if some people do not appreciate your charity, do not let that make you selfish!

Lord, bless us everyday with your gifts that w…

I shall not be moved................

The United States Government and some citizens seem to stand by the above statement. They indeed will not be moved by the many tragedies that have occurred there due to the reckless use of fire arms. (especially guns). Just last week, 17 people (most of them high school students) were killed by a former student of a high school in florida.

A priest in my local church once said we are becoming contemptuous of situations and people. Our hearts have indeed grown cold as the bible says and they are in desperate need of thawing. I keep thinking to myself, how many more must die senselessly? How many young innocent lives have already been lost? How many families are heartbroken and torn part? When will it be enough?

Sadly, we cannot bring back the lives lost. We can only hopefully learn from this! We cannot make sense of the loss but we can do our best to prevent future situations like this! The government and the citizens need to make a change. The right to protect yourself should not come…

Lent : an exercise in discipline............

Today , ash wednsesday marks the beginning of Lent. As christians, the pillars of lent are charity, forgiveness and fasting / abstinence. We are encouraged especially during this season to focus on those pillars and also to meditate on Christ's passion. Lent is also the perfect time to form us in the art of discipline.

Very difficutlt indeed when today the world encourages an excess and abandon of your emotions. Do what you feel and the consequences be damned! A life of reckless abandon will lead you down a dark path that will eventually destroy you!

Watch your thoughts. There is a reason an idle mind is the devil's workshop. Do not let your mind wander as it can lead to wicked thoughts that will drive into actions. Watch your words as well. There is a wisdom in silence and thinking before we say things as words cannot be unsaid and can do damage that is difficult to repair.

Watch your eyes. The eyes are a mirror to the soul. Let your eyes be filled with light! If you let your…

Devotion to our king......Jesus in the tabernacle!

Yesterday, the priest in my local church wanted to remind us of the sanctity of the mass! He started by using the saying "familiarity breeds contempt". This is very true indeed as we tend to take for granted people and situations that are of common occurence to us. We lose the true value of people and certain things which MUST never happen with the mass!

He reminded us of how many people spend days without access to a priest to say mass! Yet, we who have Jesus in our midst everyday are constantly DISTRACTED during mass. We are on our phones, sometimes using mass as an event to socialize with our friends or generally come to mass just to pass the time, or out of obligation when our hearts are not really present!

And oh, he reminded us about how we disrespect Jesus in the blessed sacrament! How many offenses against his sacred heart! We enter the mass as if we are walking into any other place. Jesus, king of kings is truly present in the tabernacle. We owe him all our respect …

Our encounters with suffering......

The saying goes "misery loves company", which is very true! In our everyday life, we meet suffering in many forms. No matter how much we may want to escape it, human suffering is and always will be part of our lives. We will do well to accept that but the question is, how do we respond to misery when we encounter it? Do we try to ignore it and pretend it doesnt exist?

I was recently reading an article about a cancer survivor and her experience with suffering. While she was struggling with chemotherapy, she looked out the window and observed many people going about their lives, seemingly unconcerned that she was in so much pain! Life must go on true, even in the midst of tragedy but how should we respond when we meet tragedy and sorrow?

We shouldnt feel guilty for being happy if our lives are going well. However we shouldnt ignore people we meet in everyday life who are suffering. We cannot do everything but we can do SOMETHING! A smile, or a word of encouragement goes a long…

To Appreciate and Encourage......

In Life, we get what we put into it! Be watchful about being negative about people and situations! People are not perfect and there is no perfect life. We need to learn to look for the good in others and in every situation in life.

People more often than not, believe what you tell them and can be influenced by your words. Sometimes its even only one thing that people choose to focus on, one mistake or flaw. If you repetitively tell someone something, they can become that or behave that way!
Just think about how we can influence and bring about a positive change in people's lives ! Think about how we can effect change in the world. A real positive change by making an effort to encourage and appreciate others!

People always say they want to make a difference in this world! Start by simply using your words and actions to encourage and appreciate, offer support to others. Do not give up on people or situations, no matter how difficult they may seem! God bless you all!