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The Shepherd in white and the Catholic Church.....

The world today is rife with news about the scandal affecting the Catholic Church involving abuse by some priests and the cover up by some Bishops. It is truly a very sad situation, heartbreaking and has threatened the unity of the Roman Church. Yesterday i was reading an article that said, if only the church had only followed her rules, we would NOT be in such a mess today!

One of the most important and strictest rule concerns chastity. A person seeking to enter the priesthood who shows weakness concerning chastity should never been confirmed into the priesthood! We cannot expect that the person will be somehow changed by his vocation to priesthood. The change MUST happen before he is confirmed into such an important vocation. The devil is particularly vehement in his attacks on the priesthood in temptations to deviant passions!

There is also the matter of the "Vigano" letter, calling for Pope Francis' resignation as he is accused of being involved in the cover up! This…

The man behind the white collar.....

The Catholic Church has been taking alot of heat from the recent expose' on abusive Priests. I can only imagine how devastating this is to the many devoted Catholics worldwide and how destructive this has been to the lives of the victims. I empathise with them and our prayers are with you always.

Last week i read an article about how priests these days are viewed with suspicion and thinly veiled anger! So much so that they are now afraid to wear the white collar and it has caused them shame. Yes, i am a proud catholic and this scandal has indeed caused me and no doubt some others great shame.

However we need to remember that all men are fallible. I cannot condone what the abusive priests did. What they did has caused so much pain to the innocent victims and has wounded the church severely not to mention the cover up by some bishops! It is truly abhorent! But the Catholic Church was started by Christ himself and she will endure everything!

Let us not fill our hearts with hatred and…

When you are God's choice.............

In the old testament, we discover the amazing story of David, Israel's great King! David faced alot of hardships and opposition from Saul. His life was often in danger but he triumphed in the end becasue he was faithful to God and because he was God's CHOICE!

When God chooses someone for a position in life, you cannot change it. You cannot go against the will of God! Yesterday i was reminded of that in a homily by a young priest in my local church. He also reminded us that envy and jealousy come from thinking that you deserve someone else's position, wealth, beauty, e.t.c.

Always remember that no matter your weaknesses or your station in life, when God chooses you, he will ensure your success. We need not look at and compare our situations in life with others. Entrust your life to God and he will guide you to wherever you were meant to be and you will achieve your greatest potential in Life by trusting God! Lord, help me to accept your will in all things and surrender my l…

Putting God first!

"Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all the rest will fall in line" In yesterday's Gospel reading Jesus rebukes the scribes and pharisees yet again because they had lost sight of what it meant to be a true believer! They placed more importance on the "gifts" and Glory of the temple rather than who dwelt within it!

We all have temporal needs and daily struggles in life but do we allow them to distract us from what is truly important in life. All things will end in time but how have we prepared for our life in the here after? Spiritual needs are more important than the physical and we need to focus more on that. How have we touched the lives of those we encounter? Did we leave them changed by the warmth of God's love? Have we remembered them in our prayers?

God is and should be our everything. In him, we will find every consolation and the fulfilment of our every need. We can only be fulfilled and truly happy when we are living in him and for him. As Jesus …

The powerful as bullies!

Below is a snippet of Meryl streep from her golden globes speech and i must say i was impressed by her wise words  :

"It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life. And this instinct to humiliate when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody’s life ‘cause it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose."

Today, all over the world and in my own country, the powerful have been using their positions to trample on the masses and get their own way no matter the cost. They do not think twice about destroying people's lives so that they can achieve their despicable ends!

I know it makes people really angry, (I know i am) but we have to take the high road. (sigh) As Meryl says "violence inc…

The blessing of Abraham...........

In numbers there is a prayer for blessing as below :

‘“The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”’

It is in the book of numbers and i remember my mother used to say that prayer over me when i was about to leave home for a long time. Yesterday the priest in my local church gave a homily about how we often times wonder why our lives are not right and yet we have ignored or abandoned our parents!

God's blessings come to children through their parents and if we neglect them or abandon them, we cannot hope to live a happy life! How many people actually live close by their parents but have spent months or even years without checking on them? Distance should however not be an excuse because we have so many means of communication  today. Even making a phone call to check on them is too difficult for many of us!

We will never be able to repay back our parents for giving us life. Yes, sometimes p…

Integrity in Journalism

How interesting or captivating a story is, can be determined by how it is told or by the person telling it! In my opinion, journalists do tell stories but are they all true or is there an extra something added to make them famous or sell their publications? How far would they really go for a story?

Sometimes the truth can be really captivating but could end up destroying people's lives! Journalists need to have some intergrity as well. Think hard before you publish something inflamatory, it could ruin someone. I know it is important to get the truth out there but how we do it matters!

Its  a balancing act, i guess. Journalists need to know when to publish something and when to let it go! We are all human after all, our reputations are the best thing we own and its really hard to repair them once they are tarnished. May God grant us the grace to learn the wisdom of silence. There is an Arab proverb that says "only speak when the words you are to say are more beautiful than sil…

To comfort the afflicted........

It is a spiritual work of mercy to console people who are in distress, whether they be strangers or people close to us! Sometime last month, i met someone who is suffering with a terminal illness. We talked for a while and i sympathised with her plight! We have met several times since then and she has left a mark on my life.

Sometimes, we need to have perspective so that we can better appreciate God's gift of life. Yesterday i met her again and she wasn't doing so well. She is in so much pain and she has a child to look after. When we talked she was in tears and i didnt know how to console her. I told her that in life, some people seem to suffer more than others but we will not know the reason why untill we are called to eternity by our creator! I told her, it was God who brought us together and God Loving people still exist in this world. I tried to keep her hope alive!

You do not have to look far to see someone in desperate need. There are so many lonely people, searching fo…


We have all heard the saying, "dont believe everything you hear". This is a good motto to live by because it seems that lies spread faster than the truth! A man's reputation is the best thing he owns and once it is tainted, its almost impossible to recover it!

People love to talk and yes,"talk is cheap". We do not often realize, the effect our words can have on people's lives. Be careful what you say and guard your words, for they can even start a war! Many times we do not even try to verify what we hear, but pass it on carelessly untill it has been twisted.

Making false statements about people is truly wrong and we need to learn how to mind our own business and be silent. Even if something you know or hear is true but quite damaging, for the sake of someone's reputation, its better to be silent! We need to discover the wisdom of silence. Sometimes its best not to say anything at all!

Ps : James speaks about the power of the tongue in the new testament.

Living your mission.....

Last sunday's gospel touched on the mission Christ was giving to his dsiciples. He sent them to preach, heal and drive out demons throughout the countryside. As Christians, we need to remember that we each have a unique mission. We seem to have forgotten that or chosen to abandon it!

Look at the world today, take a good look and you will see how insensitive and apathetic we have become! Sometimes when something terrible like a murder or a senseless act of war takes place, we don't seem to be affected by it! I mean some people think to themselves, "too bad for them" and just shrug it off. Life goes on right?

As Christians, our mission means speaking out against injustice as well as keeping our actions in line with Christ's. Sometimes you cannot speak out but let your actions reveal who you are. It's such a shame and truly heartbreaking that often times many evils in society today are perpertrated by so called Christians! (sigh)

Let us all take up our crosses a…

My Grace is enough for you...........

Paul in the new testament speaks of a "thorn in his side." An angel of satan sent to torment him. He asks the lord three times to remove it but the lord replies "my grace is enough for you for my power is greatest in a time of weakness".

God's ways are not our ways......we need to have a little more faith! (or alot more) Human beings are not perfect, we have many weaknesses! There is however often in life a situation that doesnt seem to get better no matter how much you try or pray. I have mine, to be honest it seems like a heavy cross but i want to keep fighting everyday!

I visited Kibeho (a remote town in rwanda) last year in October. It is famous for the first approved appartions of the virgin Mary in Africa. Our lady's message to the world is that we must embrace our crosses with humility, patience and love. We cannot hope to reach heaven one day if we do not carry the cross and follow Christ!

Lord, help us everday to embrace our crosses with love and f…

What is in a name?

There is power and truth in a name, believe it or not. When parents are naming children, they ought to be careful about the names they choose! Names can haunt you or be a source of blessing! Some people even grow up to be a certain way because of the names they were given.

I have two names. My christian name is a hebrew name meaning abundance or excellence. My sur name is in my native tongue, meaning wisdom. Very beautiful names, filled with meaning. I love them and i am glad my parents named me well.

As a christian, i would advise naming your children after the saints or holy people. They were filled with virtue and some of their graces will rub off on them. Naming your children after graces is also a good choice. Lets all take time to ponder the power of a name before we give one or take on one!
God bless you all!

The violence caused by sin......

Human life is the most precious gift, a gift freely given by God to us who are so undeserving of it!
 Do we ever stop to ponder about the value of life? There is a quote that says" there is a difference between a human being and being human"

Oh my how the world has changed! In my country today (Uganda), thugs will not just take all your belongings but will beat you to a pulp as well. You would even be considered lucky to escape with your life! What happened to us? When did we lose sight of the value of life and replace it with mere things?

In our materialistic lifestyles, we use people and treasure things! The world today is engulfed in cycles of violence. Everyday someone is viciously assualted, raped, murdered, kidanapped or robbed! This is the result of a humanity lacking in God's grace. We have ignored God and moved further and further away from his teaching. This is what you are , oh seemingly enlightened humanity, worse than the beasts!

As per the requests of The B…

What is my legacy?

We often times do not want to think about death but it is a part of our lives and when we think about death, it forces us to think about how we have lived our lives! What is your true legacy? What will you leave behind even after your are gone? I believe in life after death but that life will be greatly determined by the lives we have lived here on earth!

Recently i was watching a video showing a speech given by Oprah winfrey at a college graduation. In this speech, Oprah gave a wonderful speech about life and legacy. She says being wealthy and able to buy so many material things will NOT fulfill you! Living a life of service, of giving ones whole self to others, will!

She also says she once had a conversation with Maya Angelou in which she tells her that her legacy will be the school she built in South Africa. Maya replies with great wisdom and says, "you have no idea what your legacy will be!" Oprah then says she wants to leave the audience with the final words of wisdom, …

The power of love...........

As i watched the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, i was pleasantly surprised by the homily from Reverend Michael Curry. I could see that many of the guests in the audience were disturbed. To be honest, it made me uneasy but in a good way. His words seemed to penetrate the heart and his powerful message could not be ignored!

His homily touched on a number of subjects including the history of slavery in the United states, the industrial revolution and the discovery of fire...e.t.c. But the main theme was the power of love and not just "romantic love" but the redemptive power of love. The world we live in today is so full of selfishness and hatred, there is alot of bitterness and lack of compassion for one another. As i write this today, my country Uganda has been plagued by shootings of public figures and numerous kidnaps. We used to be such a peaceful people but oh how things have changed!

This world needs to rediscover love in all its forms and as Reverend Cu…

Come Holy spirit.........

Come Holy Spirit and renew the face of the earth! Sunday will be pentecost and a great feast to remember the first descent of the Spirit in Jerusalem so many years ago. But it is not only ceremonial, the earth is in need of the comforter, the spirit of love and truth. We are in desperate need of God's wisdom and love!

Take a look at the world now and ponder about the situation we are living in. Wars are increasing and the threat of another world war is ever looming due to global tensions with "world powers". The humanitarian crisis is devastating in Syria, in Sudan, in Congo..etc. Christians are being persecuted for their faith all over the world. Abortion and euthanasia are being gradually accepted as well as "gay marriage". Our leaders have failed us and seem to pursue selfish interests. The number of homeless people and unemployed increases every year and so many die of hunger! The earth is also seemingly unstable with numerous earthquakes, volcanic eruption…

Life always has a valley............

I am dealing with a personal health crisis that has been recurrent and getting stronger. Its now resistant to some of the medication i have been taking! Very scary indeed and quite serious. Honestly i did not how bad it was untill i sat down with my doctor last week and he looked at me with a grave face and said the lab results were not good! (sigh)

I choose to wake up every day and fight and i will overcome this! Life is sometimes rosy but the thorns are always there at some point. When i was younger, i used to think that some people had it so easy, that some people didn't have troubles. Fast forward to today and i realise life isn't like that for anyone and life seldom stays the same. Today you are on the hilltop and tomorrow, you are tumbling into the valley. As they say in French, "c'est la vie"

Life is full of mountains and valleys and we cannot expect to have a flat road. A life devoid of challenges isn't a life worth living. Every situation you have ex…

Living without day at a time!

Usually at the moment of death, i think we regret the things we DIDN'T do rather than the things we did! I haven't been at that point yet but i imagine those would be my thoughts too! We wont be thinking about work and career but about how much we lived and loved!

We are so preoccupied with work most of our lives that we forget to really live. We are here on earth for a purpose and work is part of that purpose but its not all we are! I recently got an inspirational video and the message was that we postpone living. The fact is we live and we die and we cannot control our birth or death. We can only choose how we will live in between.

We should never be frustrated about our jobs / work. Its only a part of life and we shouldnt focus on it too much waiting for a time when we can enjoy later! The time to live is now! Be happy and remember you only live once. Do not let life pass you by, take time to enjoy life one day at a time. Spend time with your family and friends while you st…

The prince of this world...........

Recently, the church of satan was opened in Colombia. It is very heart breaking and continues to trouble my mind! The cult leader (Victor Damian Razo) claims they are not worshipping the devil, but Lucifer, the fallen angel expelled for his pride! Lucifer and Satan are the same person so i dont know who he is trying to deceive here!

I cannot understand how people can be so blind as to worship evil! Lucifer is evil incarnate and he is only capable of hatred and malice! Do not deceive yourself into thinking that there is any good in him. Some very misguided people think they should sympathise with his cause because he was "unjustly" judged by God. Angelic beings were created with full knowledge and thus his sin could not be forgiven. He knew fully well what he was doing when he rebelled against God!

Lucifer / Satan is the prince of this world but make no mistake, he is evil and only desires your downfall. He is an expert at deception and flattery so do not fall for his trap. L…

Comparison robs us of contentment..........

I recently received an inspirational video that focused on comparison. Basically the message was that we become depressed and envious when we compare our situations and lives to others! It also helps us to ponder why it seems that the people who have the most, are the most unhappy?

Everyone has a different journey and a different life story. The sooner we accept that, the better for us. There will always be someone smarter, wealthier, better looking or more talented than you! So what? Does that mean they are better people than you or that your life matters any less than theirs? No, your unique life has purpose and meaning whether you are an educated professor or a high school drop out!

Do not let comparison rob you of your joy and contentment. Instead of focusing on what others have thna you do not, focus on what you do have! There is no one on earth who has nothing to contribute. We all make life on earth beautiful and meaningful. We each have a purpose and a unique journey, discover…