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The right attitude and disposition for grace.............

Its a new year again and with it always a time for change. Recently in one of the homilies of a priest, we were reminded of the need for a change in attitude in order to be disposed to receive grace and to effect change in our lives. People always make resolutions but hardly ever follow through with them!

If you want to change something in life, you need perspective. Sometimes its your attitude getting in the way of what you want to achieve. Take for example, a promotion at work. You may want to be promoted but are exhibiting a "lazy" attitude. (lets say you are usually late and leave early or want to do the least amount of work). Another area is your disposition for grace. Lets say you want to get married but cannot commit to one person! How will you achieve anything if you do not change your attitude or disposition?

Lord, give us the grace to see clearly our weaknesses and be ready to change our attitudes so that we can be properly disposed to receive your graces in our li…

Humanae vitae and the sexual revolution!

In July 1968, Pope Paul VI wrote the encyclical humane vitae to guide all Catholics and the world indeed on the dangers of full scale artificial contraception for the regulation of births! As predicted in his letter, the widespread acceptance of oral/artificial contraception has resulted into immorality,the objectification of women, the abuse of power (In Kenya, certain free contraceptives were discovered to have permanently sterilized women) and a false sense of independence!

God in his perfect design, intended the union of man and woman in marriage to be open to life as the two generate the body and God generates the immortal soul! Any attempts to circumvent and alter this is a gross injustice and a rejection of the divine will. Arguments that artificial birth control help with population control and planning are simply excuses to be promiscuous! The body has a natural fertility cycle and sex can be abstained from during the fertile period if we wish to avoid pregnancy!

Just look at…

A resolve to be Kind.........

It is a new year once again and time to make resolutions! More often than not, we make resolutions but never follow through with them. It is a shame indeed but this year i am resolved to be kind! How do we respond to the people we encounter even when they rub us the wrong way?

Honestly sometimes i just get irritated by people. It may be even people i dont know but i just get the feeling that our personalities dont mesh! It may also be that certain things people do make as feel irritated. I was once called abrasive by someone i had been chatting with online (sigh)

We dont have to get close to everyone we meet but we can make an effort to be kind! There are some people who are lonely, in need of some comfort. Lets start by smiling more and greeting strangers. I know in the world we live in, some people try to take advantage of kindness but dont let that change you! There always people around us who need our love and kindness. "Dont let the bitterness of the world take away your swe…