Humanae vitae and the sexual revolution!

In July 1968, Pope Paul VI wrote the encyclical humane vitae to guide all Catholics and the world indeed on the dangers of full scale artificial contraception for the regulation of births! As predicted in his letter, the widespread acceptance of oral/artificial contraception has resulted into immorality,the objectification of women, the abuse of power (In Kenya, certain free contraceptives were discovered to have permanently sterilized women) and a false sense of independence!

God in his perfect design, intended the union of man and woman in marriage to be open to life as the two generate the body and God generates the immortal soul! Any attempts to circumvent and alter this is a gross injustice and a rejection of the divine will. Arguments that artificial birth control help with population control and planning are simply excuses to be promiscuous! The body has a natural fertility cycle and sex can be abstained from during the fertile period if we wish to avoid pregnancy!

Just look at the world today after years of widespread acceptance of contraception! The family has all but been destroyed and the innocence of children is gone! Our generation is overly sexualized and immorality in the form of pornography, fornication, homosexuality and adultery are the norm! Children are taught "sex education" from their pre-teen years in the false and misguided guise of "protecting" them from early unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections!

And don't get me started on the feminists and a woman's right to choose! Women are now objectified daily and its so sad that many of them no longer value their dignity. They openly use their bodies to get what they want and no longer care that they are used as objects for a man's pleasure! What happened to us? When did we become content to become toys?

The church will always be a source of contradiction in this world, just as Christ was! But stop to ponder and take a look at the world today that mostly rejected humane vitae, is it really any better? Is this the world we envisioned for future generations? A world obsessed with sex and filled with immorality! The lord will indeed pronounce judgment when the full measure of our sins has been reached and no one will escape divine justice!

Lord, restore your divine plan for the family and guide us as we co-operate with you in marriage to create new life! May we be as the holy family of Nazareth, filled with your love and mutual respect for one another! Amen.


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