A resolve to be Kind.........

It is a new year once again and time to make resolutions! More often than not, we make resolutions but never follow through with them. It is a shame indeed but this year i am resolved to be kind! How do we respond to the people we encounter even when they rub us the wrong way?

Honestly sometimes i just get irritated by people. It may be even people i dont know but i just get the feeling that our personalities dont mesh! It may also be that certain things people do make as feel irritated. I was once called abrasive by someone i had been chatting with online (sigh)

We dont have to get close to everyone we meet but we can make an effort to be kind! There are some people who are lonely, in need of some comfort. Lets start by smiling more and greeting strangers. I know in the world we live in, some people try to take advantage of kindness but dont let that change you! There always people around us who need our love and kindness. "Dont let the bitterness of the world take away your sweetness!" God bless you all!


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