The right attitude and disposition for grace.............

Its a new year again and with it always a time for change. Recently in one of the homilies of a priest, we were reminded of the need for a change in attitude in order to be disposed to receive grace and to effect change in our lives. People always make resolutions but hardly ever follow through with them!

If you want to change something in life, you need perspective. Sometimes its your attitude getting in the way of what you want to achieve. Take for example, a promotion at work. You may want to be promoted but are exhibiting a "lazy" attitude. (lets say you are usually late and leave early or want to do the least amount of work). Another area is your disposition for grace. Lets say you want to get married but cannot commit to one person! How will you achieve anything if you do not change your attitude or disposition?

Lord, give us the grace to see clearly our weaknesses and be ready to change our attitudes so that we can be properly disposed to receive your graces in our lives. Amen


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