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Holy Week

As Christians around the world commemorate the passion and death of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are officially entering "Holy week". Personally i think as Christians we all need to reflect on our lives, acknowledge our sins and be truly sorry for them. We need to seek God's mercy and remember what it cost to save our souls. How much blood was shed for our salvation! do not Christ's sacrifice be in vain.

I was thinking about Judas, the betrayer and feeling pity for him because he gave in to despair and was lost forever. How many of us feel like we are beyond redemption? The truth is we do not deserve To be saved, we are all sinners and harbor some malice and wickedness in our hearts. However God did not come to save the "just", he came to save sinners. If you read the Gospels, you will realize that Jesus never ever turned away from even the most sinful people or the outcasts. He always treated them with kindness and love. Never once did he judge or…

World Hunger

I read an article last week about world hunger and i was horrified and ashamed, ashamed because of the many times i have felt that i was tired of eating the same meal and even sometimes leaving leftovers on my plate. How many of us actually know what it feels like to be truly hungry and not be able to eat because there is no food or because you cannot afford a decent meal? How many of us actually know what it is like to search for food in garbage dumps?

My mother visited karamoja ( Notheast arid region of uganda) sometime back and she told me that they (she had gome on a chartiy mission with some members of her church) were giving out food and it ran out so when they visited a certain home, all they had left was soap and they gave it out to a child who almost ate the soap. I was truly speechless at hearing that because i could not have imagined myself being so hungry that i could eat soap.

Take a look at some staitistics for world hunger below and you will be truly shocked.


Being clam in the midst of life's challenges and problems is a rare thing to find in many people. We tend to fret about a lot of things and worry and become agitated when things do not go as planned. We may even lash out at others when we are stressed by some situations or someone.

It is not easy for many people to maintain an ocean of calm when faced with trials and difficult circumstances. I will just give a simple example about "road rage". On my way to work i always encounter drivers visibly enraged by another driver who took their parking spot or refused to give way when the other driver wanted to overtake.

Honestly, we need to learn to let go of that need to always be right. Self righteousness is really just pride. You are not always right and just because someone rubbed you the wrong way, it does not require you to give him/ her a peace of your mind. We need to learn the power of silence. Speak less and you will diffuse a volatile situation. Do not let other peopl…

Can the rich really afford their mistakes?

I was reading a comment sometime back and one person was commenting that the wealthy can afford their mistakes. They just throw money at a problem or situation and it seems to go away. In my mind i was thinking seriously? This is the kind of attitude that makes some children of wealthy people grow up to be spoiled, selfish and entitled and makes them think people must do what they want just because they are "rich"

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you are wealthy, you can get away with everything and anything. People may seemingly be kind to you and give you "respect' but they will secretly judge you if you lose that money and once the money goes, so does the respect and so called friendship.  Money can make you feel secure and even untouchable but life always teaches us a hard lesson that there are things money will never be able to buy like life for example.

Bring up your children to take responsibility for their actions and mistakes. Do not try to …

Being over zealous

In the recent past we have been shocked by the martyrdom of Christians in the middle east and Nigeria including even innocent children at the hands of "ISIS" and "Boko Haram". Who would have thought that even in this day and age, christians would still be persecuted for their faith. Boko harma has even pledged allegiance to the so called caliphate of ISIS whose sole purpose is to eliminate or enslave christians who are regarded as "infidels".

I honestly do not know why some "Muslims" and other religious fanatics cannot co-exist in peace and respect other people's faith. Apparently they are doing all this in the name of God under whose authority they claim to commit all their wicked actions. Honestly it always makes me so angry when people do acts of violence like murder and believe that they are doing what God wants them to do.

I honestly feel disgusted by such vile actions committed in the name of God. As Christians we should be able to lov…

Striking a bargain

Sometimes you can get something you really want at half the price or even get a good deal through negotiation or bargaining. When i was studying my course in travel management, negotaition was viewed as a good way to do business but had the cost of setting a precedent and also time and money spent.

Honestly, you have to give up something to get what you want. Lets not be selfish people. You cannot win all the time and isn't it better when we get to "both" feel like we won. In negotiation, there must be goodwill, do not leave the other party feeling like they were cheated. Meet people halfway!

Do not be in a rush to get certain things, try to get a good deal through negotiation but don't drag your feet looking for a way to get everything from a bargain or you will end up missing out because of your indecisiveness.

Putting things off!

I sometimes postpone doing some things because i am too "lazy" to do them or don't feel like doing them at the time. The danger with putting things off that you know you should have done today is that you usually end up not doing them at all or just creating more problems for yourself in the long run. ("stop making excuses for why you cant do it today")

Honestly speaking it is sometimes due to laziness. Lets start with a simple example of house chores. If you washed your dirty laundry everyday before it plied up into a heap, wouldn't it be much easier to do your laundry? or the dirty dishes in your sink? Do not put something off that you know you can do right away because you may end up never doing it at all.

I keep thinking about starting a business but i have not yet gotten around to actually doing it.  I just need to dive in all the way. Yes, there are a lot of things to consider when you are going to do certain things like starting a business or before …

Build bridges not walls!

Recently, i had ti work with someone who to be honest did something really bad to me. Our human weakness makes us seek revenge or pushes us to harbor a grudge against the person who did you wrong. Holding on to grudges only makes you a bitter person and that bitterness will over time destroy you if you do not let go of it.

We need to be less sensitive to certain things and learn to let them go. People are sometimes mean to you, even for no reason at all. Try to let go of somethings people say or do to you, sometimes we misdirect our anger and frustrations onto other people. ('Life can be a bitch")

There is already too much anger and hatred in the world so do not be the one who creates more pan and hatred. Learn to build bridges, be a peacemaker and try to tear down the walls you may have built, learn to apologize for hurting others and move on from things done to hurt you by others.

Your Life is determinded by the choice not to give up!

Circumstances and opportunities or lack thereof mold us into who we are. Sometimes we think that we are better than others because the truth is some people are born into a "better" life. Some people are given alot more opportunities in life and i know its not fair but that is the way life is.

There are always people who are born without much opportunity and facing a lot of challenges who manage to make something out of their lives. Many wealthy and successful people werent born that way, they had to earn their success through hard work and determination to succeed.

In life, you will fail at some things but you must never give up on trying to make your life better. Do not sit there and feel sorry for yourself and say but i cant achieve this dream because i do not have the opportunities. Get up and do something about it. If you want something go get it. If you are unhappy about something, change it.( "i am not talking about altering your body with surgery")

I do not …