Being clam in the midst of life's challenges and problems is a rare thing to find in many people. We tend to fret about a lot of things and worry and become agitated when things do not go as planned. We may even lash out at others when we are stressed by some situations or someone.

It is not easy for many people to maintain an ocean of calm when faced with trials and difficult circumstances. I will just give a simple example about "road rage". On my way to work i always encounter drivers visibly enraged by another driver who took their parking spot or refused to give way when the other driver wanted to overtake.

Honestly, we need to learn to let go of that need to always be right. Self righteousness is really just pride. You are not always right and just because someone rubbed you the wrong way, it does not require you to give him/ her a peace of your mind. We need to learn the power of silence. Speak less and you will diffuse a volatile situation. Do not let other people's actions take away your peace.

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