Can the rich really afford their mistakes?

I was reading a comment sometime back and one person was commenting that the wealthy can afford their mistakes. They just throw money at a problem or situation and it seems to go away. In my mind i was thinking seriously? This is the kind of attitude that makes some children of wealthy people grow up to be spoiled, selfish and entitled and makes them think people must do what they want just because they are "rich"

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because you are wealthy, you can get away with everything and anything. People may seemingly be kind to you and give you "respect' but they will secretly judge you if you lose that money and once the money goes, so does the respect and so called friendship.  Money can make you feel secure and even untouchable but life always teaches us a hard lesson that there are things money will never be able to buy like life for example.

Bring up your children to take responsibility for their actions and mistakes. Do not try to "protect" them our of a false love. If you really do love them, help them to learn from their mistakes and teach them the value of money and how to make an honest living.

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