Striking a bargain

Sometimes you can get something you really want at half the price or even get a good deal through negotiation or bargaining. When i was studying my course in travel management, negotaition was viewed as a good way to do business but had the cost of setting a precedent and also time and money spent.

Honestly, you have to give up something to get what you want. Lets not be selfish people. You cannot win all the time and isn't it better when we get to "both" feel like we won. In negotiation, there must be goodwill, do not leave the other party feeling like they were cheated. Meet people halfway!

Do not be in a rush to get certain things, try to get a good deal through negotiation but don't drag your feet looking for a way to get everything from a bargain or you will end up missing out because of your indecisiveness.

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