Being over zealous

In the recent past we have been shocked by the martyrdom of Christians in the middle east and Nigeria including even innocent children at the hands of "ISIS" and "Boko Haram". Who would have thought that even in this day and age, christians would still be persecuted for their faith. Boko harma has even pledged allegiance to the so called caliphate of ISIS whose sole purpose is to eliminate or enslave christians who are regarded as "infidels".

I honestly do not know why some "Muslims" and other religious fanatics cannot co-exist in peace and respect other people's faith. Apparently they are doing all this in the name of God under whose authority they claim to commit all their wicked actions. Honestly it always makes me so angry when people do acts of violence like murder and believe that they are doing what God wants them to do.

I honestly feel disgusted by such vile actions committed in the name of God. As Christians we should be able to love our enemies and forgive them but we still have to condemn the sin. I is not right for these fanatics to murder with impunity and all peace loving Muslims need to condemn the actions of ISIS and Boko Haram. We also need to bring up children with the value of tolerance for others and respect for other peoples faith.

For those unfortunate christians suffering in the middle east and in nigeria, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your sacrifice will not be in vain and the blood of the martyrs will strengthen the church worldwide. God bless you all!

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