Build bridges not walls!

Recently, i had ti work with someone who to be honest did something really bad to me. Our human weakness makes us seek revenge or pushes us to harbor a grudge against the person who did you wrong. Holding on to grudges only makes you a bitter person and that bitterness will over time destroy you if you do not let go of it.

We need to be less sensitive to certain things and learn to let them go. People are sometimes mean to you, even for no reason at all. Try to let go of somethings people say or do to you, sometimes we misdirect our anger and frustrations onto other people. ('Life can be a bitch")

There is already too much anger and hatred in the world so do not be the one who creates more pan and hatred. Learn to build bridges, be a peacemaker and try to tear down the walls you may have built, learn to apologize for hurting others and move on from things done to hurt you by others.

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