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Getting everything you want!

In life, we always want something. Some might even say we want things we think we cant have or things that wie think will make us happy. George benard shaw is quoted as saying " there are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it!" The wisdom that comes with age is that one day, we will thank God for not giving us everything we asked for!

Sometimes we get the things we really wanted, only to realise, we didnt really need it or it does not truly makes us happy. Other times we get what we want but it only makes us greedy and nothing seems to satisfy us, we keep wanting more! (sigh)

We need to learn to appreciate all the things in life we take for granted. We have everything we need and it is within our grasp to get it. Do not spend your life chasing after material things. They will never make you happy and they cannot fill that empty feeling. That feeling that something is missing. Only God can make you whole andf give you peace! Ou…

A faith that endures!

Yesterday was the feast of St. Peter's chair. I see alot of myself and humanity in the peter before Christ's death. He truly loved Jesus above all things but he was still so impetuous and weighed down by our human weaknesses. But Jesus was patient with him and entrusted him the leadership of his church.

St. Peter's basilica in Rome is actually built on the ossified bones of peter the apostle. Jesus words are always true and absolute. "You are Peter and on this rock, i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." We hear alot about the catholic church in the media and around us. Some people are even speaking of a schism within the church and accusing the pope of heresy.

As Catholic christians, our duty is to pray for the church and the pope and direct our efforts towards unity not division. We all know that division comes from the evil one. May you pour out your Holy Spirit on your church Lord and keep us united in love and service tow…

Love languages!

Gary chapman wrote an amazing book about the five languages of love. According to him, people express their love by : (not limited to one)

words of affirmationquality timereceiving giftsacts of servicephysical touch.
Personally, i agree with him and he says we need to understand each others love languages in order to maintain and develop strong longlasting relationships. We can only break down the barriers in our relationships when we understand each others languages of love.

People are different and even if you discover that your partner prefers one over the other, do not neglect the others. Many people i think, actually like all of the above. (me inclusive) Take the time to discover what exactly makes your partner feel special and focus on it! Our relationships are falling into ruin because we expect that we can just have good ones without trying. You have to put in work if you want to make your relationship good! God bless you all!

Let us celebrate love!

Today is valentine's day.  St. valentine was a martyr , killed for marrying christian couples in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Today is supposed to be a celebration of true love and how indeed it does conquer all! Its not about fancy dinners and gifts or giving in to your passions.

We as human beings tend to ruin certain holidays by placing unecessary anxiety and pressures on a day. Ofcourse companies prey on this anxiety and make it all about spenidng on so many useless things apparently to make people feel special. Things do not make you special, its how people treat you that ulitmately makes you feel special.

Lets not buy into the hype. Treat your loved ones right every single moment you spend with them and be there for them when they need you the most. Encourage them when they need faith and comfort them when they are grieving. Thats what it means to love someone. God bless you all as you celebrate love today!

The strength of the will!

"Where there is a will, there is a way", so the famous saying goes. Your mind is truly poweful and even the way you think, will utltimately shape your life. That is why it is important to rid yourself of negative emotions and thoughts and not to dwell on life's worries. Worry only makes things worse than they already are!

Take the example of certain illnesses. Some sicknesses are tough to get healed from and if you do not fight them, they will ultimately lead to your death. You have to stay positive even when all the odds are stacked against you. If you do not have faith in yourself, how do you expect others to folow suit? Sometimes people will not see things unless you make them.

Your life is in your hands. Your dreams can be achieved! You can be whatever you want to be. You can beat that addiction! Everything ultimatley depends on you. Who do i want to be and what do i want out of life? Ask yourself and then decide. You have the power to do it. If you want to chnage th…