Let us celebrate love!

Today is valentine's day.  St. valentine was a martyr , killed for marrying christian couples in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Today is supposed to be a celebration of true love and how indeed it does conquer all! Its not about fancy dinners and gifts or giving in to your passions.

We as human beings tend to ruin certain holidays by placing unecessary anxiety and pressures on a day. Ofcourse companies prey on this anxiety and make it all about spenidng on so many useless things apparently to make people feel special. Things do not make you special, its how people treat you that ulitmately makes you feel special.

Lets not buy into the hype. Treat your loved ones right every single moment you spend with them and be there for them when they need you the most. Encourage them when they need faith and comfort them when they are grieving. Thats what it means to love someone. God bless you all as you celebrate love today!


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