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A true test of faith

Recently, i was reading about a priest who has his ministry in one of the middle eastern countries, Iraq i think.  He was giving a talk about his experience as a priest who was captured and tortured by Islamic fundamentalist groups. He said that becoming a priest in such places is to resign oneself to certain death. He was captured and tortured by them but even in the midst of that, he forgave them and he even used to give them advice. He was later released and he bears no grudge against Islam or this torturers!

That is what it means to be a true christian! He was following the very example of Christ when he was falsely accused, beaten and tortured and crucified. Jesus did not despise them, he prayed for them and he re payed insults with love and mercy. Another example i can give is the Uganda martyrs. They were burnt for their refusal to renounce the christian faith but they went to their death singing hymns to God. There are so many examples of saints who died with joy in their hear…

The value of sacrifice

Our selfish nature as humans makes us detest sacrifice. We are usually thinking about our own happiness and our own needs and sometimes just plain greedy. We just want things even if we do not need them. How many of us have bought something in the spur of the moment and realized later that we didn't need it or even that we have no use for it? I know i have!

In life, you sometimes have to make tough choices. Parents usually know the meaning of sacrifice when it comes to their children but we all have to make sacrifices in our lives for the greater good. When i was growing up, my parents instilled in me the virtue of sacrifice. It's still hard for me to let some things go but i know that i cannot have everything i want!

Its a delicate balance between want and need but there are so many things we can live without! Let's bring up our children to understand the value of sacrifice and let's sacrifice something today so that we can help those less fortunate get the things the…

Holy fear of God

I personally do not usually use swear words or cuss when am really upset or angry and it irritates me when people do that! But to use God's name as a swear word is deplorable! You may not be a believer or a christian but it is utterly disrespectful and disgraceful to use God's name in such a way. Ironically some who do are actually Christians! ("unbelievable")

God does not want us to fear him as a judge who punishes us for our sins. We do deserve punishment
and rightly so because of our sins and iniquities. However God has already shown us his love and mercy through sending his only begotten son , Jesus to cleanse us by his death and thus we are made right with God. This perfect sacrifice of love has obtained our salvation, that is all that God desires, our happiness and our salvation.

That being said, you dare not abuse God's mercy and love. How dare you use his name for swearing? You are nothing but dust and yet he has loved you enough to make you heirs to his …

An enduring love story for the ages!

In case you were wondering, i am speaking about the story of the "Taj mahal." I was in india this october and i got an amazing chance to tour the taj mahal in agra. The taj mahal is a masoleum built by Emperor shah Jahan for his beloved wife mumtaz upon her death.

I sometimes used to wonder if people in times past were, shall i say "romantic". Well the proof is right there as evidenced by this mausoleum.  My tour guide was telling me part of their story. Shah jahan had three official wives but it is interesting to note that Mumtaz bore him 14 children while the other two only bore him one child each as demanded by custom. Mumtaz was also always accompanying him on his travels even during war time. Mumtaz is actually her affectionate name given to her by shah meaning "chosen one of the palace".

Unfortunately, mumtaz died giving birth to their fourteenth child. My guide tells me that on her death bed, she asked three things of shah. One , that he not take a…