The value of sacrifice

Our selfish nature as humans makes us detest sacrifice. We are usually thinking about our own happiness and our own needs and sometimes just plain greedy. We just want things even if we do not need them. How many of us have bought something in the spur of the moment and realized later that we didn't need it or even that we have no use for it? I know i have!

In life, you sometimes have to make tough choices. Parents usually know the meaning of sacrifice when it comes to their children but we all have to make sacrifices in our lives for the greater good. When i was growing up, my parents instilled in me the virtue of sacrifice. It's still hard for me to let some things go but i know that i cannot have everything i want!

Its a delicate balance between want and need but there are so many things we can live without! Let's bring up our children to understand the value of sacrifice and let's sacrifice something today so that we can help those less fortunate get the things they need! God bless you all!


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