An enduring love story for the ages!

In case you were wondering, i am speaking about the story of the "Taj mahal." I was in india this october and i got an amazing chance to tour the taj mahal in agra. The taj mahal is a masoleum built by Emperor shah Jahan for his beloved wife mumtaz upon her death.
I sometimes used to wonder if people in times past were, shall i say "romantic". Well the proof is right there as evidenced by this mausoleum.  My tour guide was telling me part of their story. Shah jahan had three official wives but it is interesting to note that Mumtaz bore him 14 children while the other two only bore him one child each as demanded by custom. Mumtaz was also always accompanying him on his travels even during war time. Mumtaz is actually her affectionate name given to her by shah meaning "chosen one of the palace".

Unfortunately, mumtaz died giving birth to their fourteenth child. My guide tells me that on her death bed, she asked three things of shah. One , that he not take another wife as he had two more and two that he build a monument in honour of her. The third one has escaped me.

Mumtaz is said to have been a great beauty with "pearl" toned skin common among the persians. (present day iran). Men will always be fascinated by great beauty but it takes alot more than that to capture a man's heart. She is said to have been graceful, kind and diginified! Love is a beautiful thing. We cannot all build monuments to express our love but its the simple things like friendship and companionship and standing by your loved ones in trials that matter. How will you show your love?


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