A true test of faith

Recently, i was reading about a priest who has his ministry in one of the middle eastern countries, Iraq i think.  He was giving a talk about his experience as a priest who was captured and tortured by Islamic fundamentalist groups. He said that becoming a priest in such places is to resign oneself to certain death. He was captured and tortured by them but even in the midst of that, he forgave them and he even used to give them advice. He was later released and he bears no grudge against Islam or this torturers!

That is what it means to be a true christian! He was following the very example of Christ when he was falsely accused, beaten and tortured and crucified. Jesus did not despise them, he prayed for them and he re payed insults with love and mercy. Another example i can give is the Uganda martyrs. They were burnt for their refusal to renounce the christian faith but they went to their death singing hymns to God. There are so many examples of saints who died with joy in their hearts and a firm faith.

Some people face the ultimate test of faith which to me is , death / martyrdom.  It makes you ask yourself the question, what does it cost me to be a christian? Let us all pray that God will give us the gift of faith because it is indeed a gift that only God can give. God bless you all!


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