Holy fear of God

I personally do not usually use swear words or cuss when am really upset or angry and it irritates me when people do that! But to use God's name as a swear word is deplorable! You may not be a believer or a christian but it is utterly disrespectful and disgraceful to use God's name in such a way. Ironically some who do are actually Christians! ("unbelievable")

God does not want us to fear him as a judge who punishes us for our sins. We do deserve punishment
and rightly so because of our sins and iniquities. However God has already shown us his love and mercy through sending his only begotten son , Jesus to cleanse us by his death and thus we are made right with God. This perfect sacrifice of love has obtained our salvation, that is all that God desires, our happiness and our salvation.

That being said, you dare not abuse God's mercy and love. How dare you use his name for swearing? You are nothing but dust and yet he has loved you enough to make you heirs to his kingdom, princes to reign with him in eternity!  Know your place, humility is one of the greatest virtues. "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling" as it says in Philippians. Approach God's throne with confidence and trust in his mercy but you must always possess the deepest reverence and awe of God's majesty and divinity! God bless you all!


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