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I do not know so much about yoga but it is not just a form of exercise. It is a form of meditation and spirituality too! I tread cautiously when it comes to the practice as it seems to me to be part of the new age disguised as good but maybe associated with evil or the occult.

I have just been reading about a lady who used to practice yoga but stopped after a disturbing experience. She says that during "shavasana" (often employed at the end of a yoga session), she had the sensation of coming up to an abyss, a sense of nothingness and being invited to jump into it. She also said that gradually she begun to feel like her mind was being hypnotized and manipulated to believe in the ideas she was being fed by her yoga teacher. She wondered if she would be able to distinguish truth from lies if she continued.

This is very disturbing indeed and they are many other accounts of disturbing experiences with yoga. Like i said earlier in my post about witchcraft, people these days are fa…

All Hallows Eve

All hallows eve or Halloween has become a popular festival in out times. I personally do not celebrate Halloween as i see it as an excuse for women to dress indecently and generally for debauchery and lewd behavior.  But the most important reason why i do not celebrate it is because of its connection to witchcraft or the occult.

Traditionally all hallows eve, the day before all souls day (01 Nov) is supposed to be a day for us to remember all the dead and pray for them to rest in eternal peace which is actually a beautiful thing. However, people have turned it into a celebration of darkness and supposedly mocking evil spirits and darkness. Our obsession with darkness these days has people dressing up and all manner of evil beings such as vampires, demons, warlocks including the children! I previously discussed about foolish curiosity in the occult and one of the ways to invite evil into your life is through this kind of foolish naivety.

Why should you celebrate a festival which glorif…

Our capacity to Love

I believe that we were all created from an incomprehensible love, a beautiful, wonderful love, that is God.  Conception is achieved through an act of love or at least it should be!  We were created from love and to love. So why is it so hard for us to love one another? Even our own family? Yesterday i was reading about a brave young lady in west africa who nursed her family back to health in the face of the ebola epidemic. I should like to add brave and full of love! She did not even have protective gear but made use of polythene materials and two sets of gloves. She helped nurse, her mother, sister and father back to health. It is unfortunate that she was unable to nurse her little teenage cousin back to health as he is the one who died. She did not contract the disease and i believe love saved her! How many of us would risk our lives even for our families?

In Iraq, this so called ISIS has murdered innocents in the name of religion. Children are so innocent and i cannot imagine what…

Wicca or New age Sorcery

Some people especially young ("and i have to add foolish") dabble in the occult. Some people think its fun or just a joke but before you make such a grave mistake, you need to think twice about who or what you are inviting into your life. Participating in seances to contact spirits is a very foolish thing indeed. First of all, who told you that the living should be in communication with the dead? As fascinating as it seems to talk to our dear ones or people who have died, we need to tread carefully when dealing with things we do not understand.

There is also this fascination with "Wicca" (still sorcery and witchcraft) as a means to commune with nature. Whichever way u choose to think of it, Wicca is witchcraft just under a new term. There are no such things as good witches so do not be so naive. Sorcery and witchcraft is inherently evil. Once you open the door to it, the Devil or evil spirits will latch on to you and your life and they will put up one hell of a fig…

What is Love?

I love Jennifer Lopez's song "what is love?" I do not know if it was written based on her experience of love in her life. I will assume that every normal human being searches for love in their lives. I think its a part of who we are and makes us human. But today it is such a cliche when someone says i love you! Does the person saying those words actually know what it means to love someone?

In the context of romantic relationships, people love to be in love. They love having someone say i love you. But do we really understand what it means to love someone else? I have heard it said somewhere that before you love someone, you have to love yourself! Hmmmmmmn. I am not talking about vain self love but you need to love who you are and the way you treat yourself will give you a good idea of what it means to love someone else. I do no thunk there is anyone who wants bad things for themselves or treats their bodies badly! But i also think that to love someone needs some sacrific…

Broken Families

I know a lot of people are growing up in broken families or homes today but it is not right.  Call me traditional if you like but i believe that the best way to raise children into normal healthy adults is to bring them up in a stable home with both mother and father together! In some situations like death of a partner, it is understandable or in cases where parents are separated by work or long distance but its not ideal for the children.

Relationships are never easy and you have to be prepared to do the work. Some people decide to stay in their relationships especially for the sake of their children when things do not turn out the way they hoped. While i think that is admirable, it is not entirely right. I read somewhere that people usually go into a relationship with so many expectations. ("what can i get from the other person?) People expect the other person to make them happy and care for them unconditionally and they just want to take and take without giving. Your relations…

Smile and the world will smile with you!

Yesterday as i was being driven from home to work, i witnessed some drama. The driver seemed to be in a bad mood because he got in an argument with another driver and he even got angry with us the passengers for telling him to get a move on. We all have good days and bad days. Days when we just want to be left alone in peace, days when we woke up on the wrong side of the bed, when we are having problems at work or home or both.

There is a saying that goes smile and you will be happy or something like that. ("sound like being a fake person"). I think you don't always have to be cheery and fake happiness. But i also think if you are in a bad mood or experiencing some things that make you unhappy or angry, calm down and take a minute. Do not put on a glum look and start fights with everyone you meet! Being glum is only acceptable when you are grieving and even then you have to find something to be happy about.

Life is too short to be glum! If you look for things to be sad o…


I was listening to one of the radio shows today morning and one of the presenters was of the opinion that we should legalize abortion in Uganda because some women are putting themselves in danger by conducting unsafe abortions. He said that sometimes women are not ready to have children and so they should have a choice which would be abortion.

There are some circumstances in life like rape and incest which honestly i do not have an answer for on how to continue with a pregnancy borne from such difficult situations. It is a tragedy. There are even pregnancies which put the life of the mother at risk. I also do not have an answer for that. However the argument that a woman is not ready to have a child or it does not fit into her plans at the moment, i am completely unsympathetic to.

How selfish we are! Even animals do every thing to care for and protect their young, even from predators who may be stronger than them. But not us! we must first be "ready" whatever that means to b…

Our unseen companions

Monday was the feast of the archangels Micheal, Raphael and Gabriel. Some of you may not believe in angels but each and every one of us has a companion beside us "to light and guard, to rule and guide"! In our moments of great difficulty and suffering and even in our moments of joy, remember to think of your guardian angel and call on him.(''angels are pure spirits and do not have a gender but i think of them as he")

In these dark times, where a satanic mass is being planned in Oklahoma led by a self proclaimed Devil Worshiper(Adam Daniels). Rituals will include spitting and stomping on a wafer representing a consecrated host , denouncing Jesus Christ and casting the Holy Spirit out of a person.  Can you believe the audacity of these people? All i can say is that they are lucky i am not God because i would have reduced them to cinders by now if i was!

I implore all Christians to call on St. Micheal the archangel, defender of the Church and leader of God's ar…