I was listening to one of the radio shows today morning and one of the presenters was of the opinion that we should legalize abortion in Uganda because some women are putting themselves in danger by conducting unsafe abortions. He said that sometimes women are not ready to have children and so they should have a choice which would be abortion.

There are some circumstances in life like rape and incest which honestly i do not have an answer for on how to continue with a pregnancy borne from such difficult situations. It is a tragedy. There are even pregnancies which put the life of the mother at risk. I also do not have an answer for that. However the argument that a woman is not ready to have a child or it does not fit into her plans at the moment, i am completely unsympathetic to.

How selfish we are! Even animals do every thing to care for and protect their young, even from predators who may be stronger than them. But not us! we must first be "ready" whatever that means to bear children.  These days most people especially young people are promiscuous and begin sexual activity in their early teens. There are always consequences and even with birth control and condoms, a pregnancy can occur. If you are having sex then at the back of your mind always know that anytime a pregnancy can occur and when it happens, you have to grow up and deal with it!  Something beautiful can come from a mistake, a child! Two wrongs do not make a right.  Abortion is murder! There is no excuse for it especially one as flimsy as "i am just not ready"!

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