What is Love?

I love Jennifer Lopez's song "what is love?" I do not know if it was written based on her experience of love in her life. I will assume that every normal human being searches for love in their lives. I think its a part of who we are and makes us human. But today it is such a cliche when someone says i love you! Does the person saying those words actually know what it means to love someone?

In the context of romantic relationships, people love to be in love. They love having someone say i love you. But do we really understand what it means to love someone else? I have heard it said somewhere that before you love someone, you have to love yourself! Hmmmmmmn. I am not talking about vain self love but you need to love who you are and the way you treat yourself will give you a good idea of what it means to love someone else. I do no thunk there is anyone who wants bad things for themselves or treats their bodies badly! But i also think that to love someone needs some sacrifices and needs you to be generous. We are selfish usually and most of the time are more concerned with our own personal well being. When you love someone, you have to let go of that and start thinking about how your actions affect the person you love. All your actions will be geared towards making the other person a better version of themselves and making them happy. The saying goes that "love is blind" but i do not agree with that. You can love someone but that does not mean you ignore their faults. You continue loving them but you have to try to make them better people. Do not ignore their faults but confront them and help them to become better people. Perseverance is very important in love and you have to be willing to work with the person you love to keep the relationship going. It is not always easy but i believe love is more than just a feeling, it is also a commitment to stand by that person and continue to support them when they need you the most especially when you are married!

As for loving thy neighbor, treat other people as you would love them to treat you. I am christian and Jesus says "love thy neighbor as you love thy self". Words to live by people. Its not easy at all but try to treat other people with respect and do not judge them. People can be mean and sometimes abrasive but i was reading somewhere that when someone insults you, do not respond in kind lest you appear just as foolish as that person! Keep silent and that insult will lose its sting.

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