Wicca or New age Sorcery

Some people especially young ("and i have to add foolish") dabble in the occult. Some people think its fun or just a joke but before you make such a grave mistake, you need to think twice about who or what you are inviting into your life. Participating in seances to contact spirits is a very foolish thing indeed. First of all, who told you that the living should be in communication with the dead? As fascinating as it seems to talk to our dear ones or people who have died, we need to tread carefully when dealing with things we do not understand.

There is also this fascination with "Wicca" (still sorcery and witchcraft) as a means to commune with nature. Whichever way u choose to think of it, Wicca is witchcraft just under a new term. There are no such things as good witches so do not be so naive. Sorcery and witchcraft is inherently evil. Once you open the door to it, the Devil or evil spirits will latch on to you and your life and they will put up one hell of a fight when you want to get rid of them!

For those currently affected by this evil, you should not despair. God is greater than all evil and he will set you free from any and all bondage's if you place your trust in him and pray. Do not invite evil into your life willingly, Keep away from foolish curiosity in the occult!

PS : palm reading, seances , charms, spells, divination, card reading are all forms of the occult.

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