I do not know so much about yoga but it is not just a form of exercise. It is a form of meditation and spirituality too! I tread cautiously when it comes to the practice as it seems to me to be part of the new age disguised as good but maybe associated with evil or the occult.

I have just been reading about a lady who used to practice yoga but stopped after a disturbing experience. She says that during "shavasana" (often employed at the end of a yoga session), she had the sensation of coming up to an abyss, a sense of nothingness and being invited to jump into it. She also said that gradually she begun to feel like her mind was being hypnotized and manipulated to believe in the ideas she was being fed by her yoga teacher. She wondered if she would be able to distinguish truth from lies if she continued.

This is very disturbing indeed and they are many other accounts of disturbing experiences with yoga. Like i said earlier in my post about witchcraft, people these days are fascinated with this new age search for new knowledge and ways of life. Foolish curiosity will lead you into danger. ("curiosity killed the cat") . I do not dabble in things i do not understand. If something supposedly meant to bring you peace causes you confusion and unsettles you, then you should think twice about it. I do not care if some people say it is a harmless exercise, yoga is a spiritual exercise not physical which will do you harm. Christians especially do not be fooled into doing it, it will erode your faith and open you up to evil!

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