Our unseen companions

Monday was the feast of the archangels Micheal, Raphael and Gabriel. Some of you may not believe in angels but each and every one of us has a companion beside us "to light and guard, to rule and guide"! In our moments of great difficulty and suffering and even in our moments of joy, remember to think of your guardian angel and call on him.(''angels are pure spirits and do not have a gender but i think of them as he")

In these dark times, where a satanic mass is being planned in Oklahoma led by a self proclaimed Devil Worshiper(Adam Daniels). Rituals will include spitting and stomping on a wafer representing a consecrated host , denouncing Jesus Christ and casting the Holy Spirit out of a person.  Can you believe the audacity of these people? All i can say is that they are lucky i am not God because i would have reduced them to cinders by now if i was!

I implore all Christians to call on St. Micheal the archangel, defender of the Church and leader of God's army. The evil one will not prevail against us!"Who is like unto God?" No one and those who think they can dare to denounce Jesus should be ware. You may be God's children too but do not think for one second that you can try to disrespect or humiliate Almighty God and get away with it!
May God help us all!

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