Our capacity to Love

I believe that we were all created from an incomprehensible love, a beautiful, wonderful love, that is God.  Conception is achieved through an act of love or at least it should be!  We were created from love and to love. So why is it so hard for us to love one another? Even our own family? Yesterday i was reading about a brave young lady in west africa who nursed her family back to health in the face of the ebola epidemic. I should like to add brave and full of love! She did not even have protective gear but made use of polythene materials and two sets of gloves. She helped nurse, her mother, sister and father back to health. It is unfortunate that she was unable to nurse her little teenage cousin back to health as he is the one who died. She did not contract the disease and i believe love saved her! How many of us would risk our lives even for our families?

In Iraq, this so called ISIS has murdered innocents in the name of religion. Children are so innocent and i cannot imagine what would ever make me even condone the thought of killing them. What happened to tolerance for one another? How can people honestly justify killing someone else because they do not share our beliefs? Or torturing them and humiliating them? What happened to us? Planned parenthood in the united states has performed over six million abortions! And i was reading yesterday about a woman who helped change the mind of two women at an abortion clinic when she told them about how difficult it had been for her to conceive. The workers in those clinic then told her not to talk to people in there! Can you imagine that? When did taking a life become so easy for us?:

Sometime earlier this year i witnessed an accident involving a truck carrying beer crates colliding with a taxi. Instead of the people rushing to help and see if any one was injured, their first thought was for the beer crates strewn across the road. I have also heard of people robbing valuables from accident victims and dead people. Honestly, all these things happening in the world make me sad and kind of angry too! But i still have hope and believe that we all have a great capacity to love. There are still some really good people out there and call me sappy if you want but "love does conquer all1"

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