Broken Families

I know a lot of people are growing up in broken families or homes today but it is not right.  Call me traditional if you like but i believe that the best way to raise children into normal healthy adults is to bring them up in a stable home with both mother and father together! In some situations like death of a partner, it is understandable or in cases where parents are separated by work or long distance but its not ideal for the children.

Relationships are never easy and you have to be prepared to do the work. Some people decide to stay in their relationships especially for the sake of their children when things do not turn out the way they hoped. While i think that is admirable, it is not entirely right. I read somewhere that people usually go into a relationship with so many expectations. ("what can i get from the other person?) People expect the other person to make them happy and care for them unconditionally and they just want to take and take without giving. Your relationship has to be what you make it! You should go into a relationship expecting to be the one to put in all your effort to make it wonderful, give it your best and hope the other person does so as well.

When you have a child, you have to remember that the most wonderful thing came from that relationship. When your relationship breaks, you are causing a lot of emotional damage to that child. Children need to grow to with the love of both their mother and their father.They need to watch their parents live in mutual respect and love so that they know what a family should be like when they grow up. Some children from broken homes actually learn the hard way that they do not want their families to be that way when they grow up but it always leaves them with emotional scars! Wake up people! There is no perfect relationship where you are always happy! If you want that good relationship, work towards it!

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