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Russian Aggression

It is sad to see Ukraine dealing with the horrors and destruction of war today. In my opinion, it is unfair and unjust for a sovereign nation to be threatened by another seemingly more powerful nation, in this case Russia! Some people have lived through wars and they know that the hurts run deep and some scars never fully heal. (emotional scars)

War is usually about selfish interests and sometimes pride in subjecting the other people to dominion. The days of the soviet union are over but Russia seems to be clinging on to past glories! Is there truly any real justified reason for war with Ukraine?

Let us hope that our leaders will have the wisdom to show us the right path and be peace makers not war mongers. Let us pray that God may guide them as they strive to serve the people and bring justice to their countries. God bless you all!

Gender and equality of the sexes!

Last week i wrote about feminism and the desire for equal opportunities and respect for women in all aspects of life. While this is a good ideal, some people have used feminism as an excuse to lash out and punish men for all the hurts and injustice that men have caused women in the past.  Like i wrote previously, that isn't right.

Unfortunately, the world we live in and sometimes because of  the different way men and women's bodies are made, women seem to have been given the short end of the stick. Take for example the case of "unplanned pregnancies." Because by nature it is the woman who carries the child, some men abandon their responsibility to care for the child as their aim in the first place was harmless "fun". When it comes to sexual intercourse, in my opinion, there is no such thing as harmless fun. Whether you are having "protected sex", you need to have it at the back of your mind that there will be consequences and one of those is a pre…

Futility in life

Does it sometimes seem to you that no matter how hard you try, something just isn't working out? It could be in your relationships, in your work or in certain things in life we want. Sometimes you are tempted to give up on it. The truth is some things are just not meant to be but you have to know the difference between things got through patience and things that are not meant to be!

I am proud to be a christian and as Christians , we believe God has a purpose and plan for our lives and we are on earth to fulfill his purpose. In an earlier post, i recommended reading a purpose driven life by Rick Warren. (Please read that book) Each and everyone of us has a purpose and plan for his/her life uniquely, willed by God. God's plan for your life is what is right and good for you and many times our plans are not always aligned to God's plan. There is a saying that goes "Man makes plans and God laughs".

While i do not think that is exactly true ("i don't think Go…


I think feminism is about an ideology to define and establish equal opportunities for women in all aspects of life and to defend their rights in society. While i applaud this ideal, i think some women are taking it too far and using feminism to "punish" men for centuries of mistreatment at the hands of men. It is unfair and unjust to use feminism as an excuse to get back at men!

For years women have been given "the short end of the stick", so to speak. They were denied education, sometimes rights to property or inheritance, physically and sexually abused and in some societies, this is still the case. A few years back i was shocked to learn that in India, women pay the dowry to men when getting married and some of them were actually murdered by their husbands as being worthless. I even heard somewhere that mothers in India sometimes abort their babies if it is discovered before birth that they are carrying a girl!

The truth is, sometimes men/ society can be cruel an…

Searching for a better life

Countries around the world like the united states, Australia and South Africa to mention a few are composed of thousands of immigrants who moved to those places in search of a better life! Immigration is not a bad thing , it is actually quite brave to leave your home and familiar surroundings and sometimes family to go somewhere new and unknown. It is quite daunting and to be honest a little scary!

I used to think about leaving my home country when i was younger. It was quite an exciting prospect to me to live in a new place where no one knew me. to make new friends and experience new cultures. I was amazed and enchanted by the dream of living in a new land. I still love travel and i am actually working as a travel agent now but my perspective on life has changed. I would love to travel the world but my home is here for better or for worse. I love my country and despite the many challenges of life here, i am staying put! I believe you have the power to create a better life right where…

Made for a purpose (Vocation)

Why am i here? Why was i created? What is my purpose in life? All very meaningful and deep questions we should be asking ourselves! Please get yourself a  copy of a purpose driven life by rick warren. It is a bestselling book because it has inspired so many people including me and i hope it inspires you in your search for Life's purpose.

Each one of us, great or simple, young or old, beautiful or plain, rich or poor has a purpose in life! Do you believe that? Sometimes i think about my life and i wonder, am i really making a difference in this world or can i make a difference in this world? I seem so small compared to the world and it seems like i am insignificant!

Everyone wants to have a life that is full of meaning and is a fulfillment of our dreams but we need to accept that some of the greatest things are hidden from the world. In our own simple ways we can fulfill our destiny, by living out God's purpose for our lives. Whether we are called to serve in the public sphere …

Its ok to be happy!

Sometimes things are going really well for you in life and you have some semblance of happiness. Almost everyday i meet or hear about someone who is suffering gravely or in tragic circumstances and it makes me feel guilty for being happy sometimes. I wish i could take away their problems and bring them joy. (sigh)

But as the french say "c'est la vie", that's life! You cannot right all the wrongs in the world not matter how much you want to. Life can be so unfair and sometimes even cruel to some people. The question you should be asking yourself is, am i the reason that some people are unhappy? Very often people are suffering because of our selfish human nature.

Lets all make an effort to share joy with others especially people in great suffering. Start with a smile, it is truly comforting when someone smiles and tries to cheer you up. Lets turn those frowns into smiles and wipe away those tears! God bless you all!

Who am i? ( "a vapour in the wind")

There is a beautiful song by the artist casting crowns entitled who am i. I encourage you to listen to that song because the lyrics hold a very significant meaning for us all! That being said, i read somewhere on the internet that scientists in china where being applauded for certain research hailed as ground breaking and involving the use of yes, "human embryo's".

There are no words to describe how that makes me feel and how utterly wrong such research is! No matter how much "good" you are trying to accomplish, certain lines should never be crossed. Our scientists really do love to play the role of God and push  the boundaries of nature.  Some women these days freeze their eggs or even embryos until they are "ready" to have children, whatever that means! Certain vaccines were also developed using embryonic tissue, some from aborted fetuses!

These days, we have genetic screening to find out if children will be born with certain deformities or disabili…

Chasing a fantasy (aspirational beauty)!

In today's world, more so than in the past, we are being misled by the media to aspire to be like the airbrushed, sometimes heavily Photoshopped or surgically enhanced people appearing on magazines and television.  We tend to look at them after they have spent hours with a team of hairdressers, and stylists and have had their photos digitally retouched and we are in awe and sometimes feel terrible about ourselves because we never look like that!

Don't kid yourself, no one can look perfect, we all have some physical flaws but someone once said perfect faces are not interesting, its the imperfections that make us unique! Often women, are objectified and presented as nothing more than "sexy" things for men's pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately our young men grow up thinking that a woman should be "curvy", with a beautiful smile and "good in bed". They are brought up looking at fake women on the pin up posters who do not exist and these are the …