Gender and equality of the sexes!

Last week i wrote about feminism and the desire for equal opportunities and respect for women in all aspects of life. While this is a good ideal, some people have used feminism as an excuse to lash out and punish men for all the hurts and injustice that men have caused women in the past.  Like i wrote previously, that isn't right.

Unfortunately, the world we live in and sometimes because of  the different way men and women's bodies are made, women seem to have been given the short end of the stick. Take for example the case of "unplanned pregnancies." Because by nature it is the woman who carries the child, some men abandon their responsibility to care for the child as their aim in the first place was harmless "fun". When it comes to sexual intercourse, in my opinion, there is no such thing as harmless fun. Whether you are having "protected sex", you need to have it at the back of your mind that there will be consequences and one of those is a pregnancy.

When it comes to men being equal to women, i agree that men and women are all born with dignity and respect and all have a right to equal opportunities in life! When it comes to the way we ought to live, we must accept that men and women were made differently but our differences complement each other. Women usually are emotional and men are more rational but this should not be a cause for conflict or misunderstandings. Women and men all have unique roles that we play in the family and in society! When it comes to work, a woman can be a boss but that does not change her role as a wife and mother at home. At home, a husband heads the family not the wife so she needs to leave her title at work! Same goes for a man, he may be a stay at home dad but he is the protector and care giver of the family and his wife must respect him as such! Our example is the Holy family of Nazareth, Jesus and Mary and Joseph! God bless you all!

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