Who am i? ( "a vapour in the wind")

There is a beautiful song by the artist casting crowns entitled who am i. I encourage you to listen to that song because the lyrics hold a very significant meaning for us all! That being said, i read somewhere on the internet that scientists in china where being applauded for certain research hailed as ground breaking and involving the use of yes, "human embryo's".

There are no words to describe how that makes me feel and how utterly wrong such research is! No matter how much "good" you are trying to accomplish, certain lines should never be crossed. Our scientists really do love to play the role of God and push  the boundaries of nature.  Some women these days freeze their eggs or even embryos until they are "ready" to have children, whatever that means! Certain vaccines were also developed using embryonic tissue, some from aborted fetuses!

These days, we have genetic screening to find out if children will be born with certain deformities or disabilities and if this is discovered to be the case, some "doctors" advise the parent to abort the child as a so called act of mercy to prevent the child being born into a life of suffering.  These things make me sick to my stomach to even think about but this is the reality of the world we live in today!

There are certain things we would do well to leave alone especially genetic manipulations and trying to control nature! You are a just a man, you are not God. Humility is a virtue we are lacking especially in the field of science and if we are not careful, science unchecked by wisdom will be our undoing. It will destroy us! May God help us all!


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