Searching for a better life

Countries around the world like the united states, Australia and South Africa to mention a few are composed of thousands of immigrants who moved to those places in search of a better life! Immigration is not a bad thing , it is actually quite brave to leave your home and familiar surroundings and sometimes family to go somewhere new and unknown. It is quite daunting and to be honest a little scary!

I used to think about leaving my home country when i was younger. It was quite an exciting prospect to me to live in a new place where no one knew me. to make new friends and experience new cultures. I was amazed and enchanted by the dream of living in a new land. I still love travel and i am actually working as a travel agent now but my perspective on life has changed. I would love to travel the world but my home is here for better or for worse. I love my country and despite the many challenges of life here, i am staying put! I believe you have the power to create a better life right where you are, start with your neighborhood before you think about the world! God bless yo all!

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